Sunday, April 10, 2016

Signs of the Times: Gunther's Ice Cream

If nothing else, Instagram has taught me that there are many people who spend the bulk of their free time documenting interesting, historic, and beautiful signs.  One need only search the hashtags #coolsign or #vintageneon to see that #signgeeks are alive and well.  Never has the activity occupied enough of my time for me to consider it even much of an avocation.  A passing interest?  Maybe.  A road trip diversion?  Sure.  A whimsy?  Why not?

Gunther's Ice Cream (est. 1940) - Sacramento, CA

I suppose the time has come for me to reevaluate my place in the world of sign hunting.  However unpopular my stance, I must admit that I go for the big game.  Fancying myself an expert tracker, I sniff the winds for whiffs of neon and follow the telltale tracks.  If I could, I would triumphantly hoist one foot on top of the very best signs I bag, posing for the camera with a self-satisfied grin.  Among my prize trophies would be Gunther's Ice Cream in Sacramento, CA.

Gunther is all aglow and ready for action!

It can be challenging for a lactose-intolerant to justify embarking on a 1,000-mile safari to the ice cream epicenter of California's capitol, but that is precisely how I know that my devotion borders on the fanatical; I need no justification.  On one trip, I made my family drive approximately 45 miles out of the way (retracing our steps twice) because I got a hunch that there was a good sign I missed (and indeed there was).  I approach this endeavor with all the devotion of a newly-minted Hindu monk.

But if I'm going to worship at the altar of any multiple-
limbed deity, it will be Lord Gunther ...sorry Vishnu

Oh, yes.  Gunther's does serve ice cream.  If they didn't, they would have a quite a difficult time explaining the endless line that encircles the building.  Generations of Sacramentians, Sacramentites, Sacra-men's toes (or whatever you call 'em) have made Gunther's Ice Cream a favorite, sun-down watering hole - a truly ideal setting for observing the sign in its natural habitat.

Cherries on top for everyone!

And while I couldn't indulge in the dairy-filled delights, I was more than sated by one of my favorite pastimes - THE HUNT (and thanks to the wacky tacky adventure team, not a single Cecil was injured)!

Sometimes the only way to fit all the sundae-
stuffed wacky tacky adventure team members into
a single photo is to stack 'em - TRIPLE SCOOP!!!

Gunther's Ice Cream
2801 Franklin Blvd
Sacramento, CA


Mr. Tiny


  1. Hello Mr. Tiny! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sila, aka Thrifty Parka, you're newest devotee. I found your blog thanks to a link in Goody's fabulous Eat The Blog. I too am an avid sewer (I'm not a finisher though!!). I spent the better part of not one, but TWO afternoons trolling through your posts. I love the stuffed toy creations, haute couture and general wacky, tacky mayhem.

    I promise to faithfully read, and comment on each Wacky Tacky blog (until I'm distracted by something shiny :)

    happy thrifting ;)

    1. Hello Sila!!! That is so nice of you to take the time and drop us a line! Yes, whenever you get the notion, come on over and say hi. Thanks again!

  2. what a sign! that is a thing of beauty and i'm so happy to hear the place is still a favorite! i hope that sign lights up the sky for generations to come!

    1. Your mouth to God's ears. There has been a rash of recent closures to some wacky tacky landmarks; we try to spread the good word so these places will live long and prosper (see what I did for a Spock fan?).

  3. Oh, Mr. Tiny, how I wish you'd posted in advance of your Sacramento sojourn! A Wacky Tacky devotee (Wacky Tackyphile? Wacky Tacky-ite? Wacky Tacky-an?) like myself would have loved to show you not just Gunther's but a few of the other wacky and tacky attractions in our town.

    1. That would have been awesome! We hit some other hot spots like Pancake Circus and the Torch Club. We also did some obligatory historical stuff like the Stanford Mansion, Old Sac, and the Capitol Building. If there is something we missed that you think we need to see, please let us know - we'll come back!