Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jimmy's House: It's a Jungle in There!

Quietly lurking behind this unassuming doorway in Eagle Rock, CA lies a menagerie of animals so wild that they are practically tearing down the walls!  Our friend Jimmy keeps a collection* of wildlife so varied and so large that his home is really a jungle of sorts and you'll find nods to the strange and exotic in every nook and around each corner.  It is wacky tacky on safari!

Can't you just picture this guy in his former life?
I wish I could have been there to see him driving his mini car in the 4th of July parade.


I call this one Motel 6 - he'll keep the light on for you.

I so wanted to add a Dali moustache this guy.
Too surreal?

With this kind of zoo, one never has to worry about feeding time...

...or does one?

The very-rare, highly-desirable two-nicorn.

My own history is so colored by Disneyland that I kept expecting these guys to start singing.

Surprisingly, one doesn't suffer from sensory overload.
Simplicity is the key in achieving harmony and balance in this design.

The thing that really sets our wacky tacky hearts afire is the 
combination of disparate themes and cultural references.

This photo was actually taken in the darkest part of the home.
I believe the glow is from the spirits of those dearly-departed
 shriners who were tragically killed in a hippopotamus stampede.

I'm not entirely sure what Jimmy does for a living but I'm pretty sure he is a dentist.

I love to find curated vignettes in homes.
They tell a story about the owner - this one is a scary story.

Who do you think would win this staring contest?
My money's on Johnny Four-Eyes.

A black panther TV lamp creates moody dimension in a bookcase.
The zoo keeper at work in front of his vintage barkcloth curtains.
Undoubtedly he is looking for his next capture.

Thanks Jimmy for letting us into the enclosure!  As directed, we did not feed the animals.

Hatari! (1962)

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Mr. Tiny

*If you are offended by taxidermy, please note that Jimmy is an avid collector of vintage pieces.  He is a lover not a hunter.  Also, you might be asking yourself, "Does Jimmy even speak rhinoceros?"  He'd say, "Of 'course-eros,' can't you?"

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