Monday, January 23, 2012

The Fish House

I don't like fish.  I wish I did.  I wish my palate was more sophisticated, more refined.  But as it stands, my taste is decidedly low brow.  Even when it comes to buildings, I tend to favor architectural "hot dogs" over haute design.  

A structure that is at once an exception to the rule (as it concerns my distaste for fish) and a real hot dogger (in its design sensibility) is the Fish House in Berkeley, CA.

The Berkeley Fish House

Driving down Mathews Street in Berkeley one hardly notices the house that is definitely swimming an upstream battle against its more staid architectural surroundings.  It isn't until one is almost in the driveway, that anything out of the ordinary is noticeable.  Then like a great white whale, the Fish House breeches the Northern California waters.

In point of fact, the house isn't really shaped like a fish. 

It is more reminiscent of the Nautilus or some other super-stylized submarine.

Nevertheless, it cuts a striking figure on Mathews St.
Porthole windows, scales, fins, and gills add to the
fishy appeal - all the aquatic charm and no fishy smell!

Even the cement walk was stamped with bubbles.

This is how Mr. Tiny would get in to the Fish House but you might be asking yourself,
"How would Mr. Tiny get on at the Fish House?"

Answer: Swimmingly!
I've been practicing my fish face.

Forgive the garb, Mr. Tiny is not used to cold climes
and despite the sunshine, it was FREEZING cold!

Fish House

2747 Mathews St.
Berkeley, CA

As ever, there is a Disney clip to accompany almost every theme.  The Fish House left us longing to go bobbing along, bobbing along...

Bedknobs & Broomsticks (1971)


Mr. Tiny


  1. I bet you didn't know one of my favorite Disney films is Bedknobs. Oh that Angela! Great post as usual. I want bubbles stamped into my patio...

  2. Thanks Emily! You never told me, but somehow I knew.