Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Blog-O-Versary!

Has it been a whole year already?!?!  To coin a new phrase, time sure flies when you're having fun!  I started out as so very anti-technology.  A year ago, I had a dated cell phone and wondered why anyone would want to be on Facebook.  Now I have an only-slightly dated cell phone on which I check Facebook more often than is necessary and/or healthy.  A year ago, I followed no blogs and spent little-to-no time on the computer.  Now I follow about one hundred blogs and scold myself for spending too much time gazing at a screen.  It took a little goading from my brother to get me to start my own blog because he thought I had something to offer the blogosphere; I must say that I am truly grateful for his goading.  Maintaining a blog can be challenging, but in all honesty, it is very rewarding when one realizes that people are actually reading, and maybe even enjoying, the stories of silly things, crazy places, and oddball characters which one documents.

It's a wacky tacky anniversary.
Happy dogs for happy blogs!

So, to myself and anyone out there reading, I say, HAPPY BLOG-O-VERSARY!  To celebrate the date, January 18, here are some great moments in wacky tacky history.

On this day in history:

The X-Ray machine debuts as a tourist attraction in New York City.
The X-Ray Specs came later.

Cary Grant entered the world as Archibald Leach

Danny Kaye was born.

The first jazz concert is held at New York's Metropolitan Opera House.
Luminaries include Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton & Louis Armstrong

Tex Ritter's "You Will Have to Pay" is a chart topper.

The Federal tax on oleo is repealed!

Nature Boy Ric Flair becomes WWF Champion

I hope that this year we're able to bring you even more wacky tacky adventures.  It's a big place, and we've only just begun to explore all the wacky tacky that this wide world has to offer.  Until then, please help us celebrate our first Blog-O-Versary with these anniversary songs.

"The Anniversary Song" (1960)
Connie Francis

"Anniversary Waltz"
I Love Lucy - "Hollywood Anniversary"
original air date April 4, 1955

And with you, you wacky tacky turkey necks, may I always dance the anniversary waltz!


Mr. Tiny


  1. Congrats you are truly and talented and amazing guy my brotha!

  2. Happy Anniversary, my blogging buddy!

  3. Happy blog-o-versary! So glad I get to be part of your wacky world once in a while. Let's make it happen more often!

  4. One year of bringing us the wactacular?!Fantabulous!
    Yeah,blogging is time hogging,but there are far worse things one could be doing!X

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  6. Ah, thanks everybody. I love writing this blog and I'm glad you enjoy it!
    Stay tuned for more blog-o-versary fun! I almost missed the date and there is more I want to share!

    Nick - Look who's talking!

    Dave - Thanks! Your blog is an inspiration.

    Patricia Lynn - Thank you! I hope we run into each other one of these days!

    Beth - The wacky tacky world only gets better when you guys are around. I hope to see you soon!

    Helga - Thank you for reading! You are so awesome! Now I must think of a way to blog AND do those "worse things!"

    Emily - You know that no comment is too inappropriate for wacky tacky! What did you want to share with the class? SPILL IT!

  7. Happy blog-birthday! I must say, I always love seeing Wacky Tacky posts pop up in my reader... they're so much fun to read & look at!!

  8. Thanks Dakota! That makes me happy!

  9. I read all your blogs in one day a few weeks ago... Pretty amazing stuff, Chris. The Vincent Lugo Park piece brought back lots of childhood memories of going there with my Mom as a boy. Thanks!

  10. Wow! Thanks RBH! I am glad you like it. Now take a well-deserved break.