Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Back In the Saddle: A Cowboy Birthday

Last weekend we were invited to a very special western-themed birthday party for our friend, Amber.  It was held in the beautiful backyard of the home she shares with her husband, Bob.

All the guests were given a "western welcome" with their
very own, personalized, mason jar drinking glass.


Mr. Tiny & Mary with the birthday girl, Amber (I stole this photo from her).
 One can almost see the ghost of bunny ears behind Amber's head that she so
artfully retouched out of the photo.

Bob & Amber's backyard is great!  It is perennially decked out with a western/desert motif so the setting was ideally apropos.  I should have taken more pictures of the perfect surroundings that included wagon wheels, succulents, the barn and the corn!  Here are some photos of the cool desert details that were waiting around every corner.

The garden path (by day & by night) was lit with kerosene railroad lanterns. 

I've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating, I LOVE WESTERN WEAR!!!  My collection, if it can be called that, is measly, consisting mostly of ties.  There is something about the incredible detailing, the folksy charm, and the spirit of the West that makes western wear a favorite for me.  Not to mention the brilliant people like Nudie, Manuel, Jaime, Gene, Dale & Roy, and The Sons of the Pioneers that made western wear COOL!  Unfortunately, I can never really pull off the entire look head-to-toe because my arches are high and my calves too thick to wear boots!  Nevertheless, here are some fancy western duds.

Queens of the Rodeo, Amber & Mary. 
Mary wore a vintage western shirt with new two-piece western
ensemble that I finished for her right before we left for the party. 
I think it needs some applique before it is truly "finished."

Ben & Mary showing off their matching shirts

Pale Face heap happy to see Lone Wolf, Emily,
(the only Native American represented) at the party.

My favorite family photo of the night.
 Lovey, Charles & Dollie
 Are you my mommy?

All the food an fixin's were delicious.  People roasted hot dogs over the open fire and I made my award-winning roasted potato salad.  My mom and dad told me that bestowing an award to oneself in no way negates the validity of the award.

Amber made all kinds of tasty, themed offerings.
You'll have to ask her why they are labeled "Smore Pogs,"
but I was particularly taken with these S'More Pops.
It would've been easy to fill up on homemade rice krispie
treats too, but...

We had to save room for the beautiful horseshoe cake that Dollie made!

Amber's feeling lucky with her lucky horseshoe cake.

No matter how much cake one consumes, there is always room for presents.

Charles & Amber and an inch worm

After the sun set slowly in the western skies, a chill set in, so we gathered around the campfire to sing some cowboy songs.

Singing cowboy songs with Steve, Mary, Ben, Amber, and Dave was my favorite
part of the evening.  Among all of the wonderful bands in which he plays, Dave is
a feature in The Lucky Stars, the kings of western swing in Southern California.

You know it's a good party when....
Happy Birthday, Amber!!!

Here are a couple tunes to give you the feeling of our wild west shindig!

"Way Out There" - Sons of the Pioneers

"Tumblin' Tumbleweeds" - Sons of the Pioneers

Cheers & Happy Trails!

Mr. Tiny


  1. Your parents are correct

    Is it possible to propose to someone to be their brother?

    You all look great! What a fun party! I love the western look too, adorable!

    1. I DO! I ACCEPT! While my parents may not be willing to split the vast inheritance among a sixth child, I will gladly trade out one of the siblings that isn't coming in handy right now. When do we start fighting over the remote and eating the last cookie - like real siblings do?

  2. That party looks so perfect! And the horseshoe cake? Over the moon for it. You're right about Western wear. It's the best there is.

    1. Didn't that cake turn out well? (If it's a rhetorical question, does one still end the sentence with a question mark? Hmmm...) All I know is that if I had the chance to live the rest of my life in a Roy Rogers movie, I would do it in a heartbeat. I just want to be the chuck wagon cook, wear cool western wear, and sing songs.

  3. What a funny evening!
    I really like theme parties, everybody can show his crazy side!
    Oh, you know Ben we met him at Viva but didn't exchange full names... my husband wanted to keep in touch with him. Do you know if he is in Facebook?

    1. It was a lot of fun! Yes, I think he is on Facebook - Benjamin McCarthy.