Meet Mr Tiny!

I am an adventurer, cook, crafter, dancer, designer, seamster, vintage lifestyle enthusiast, and one-half of America's favorite harmony-duo, Tiny & Mary. wacky tacky is a lighthearted exploration of these topics and more!

wacky tacky is a resource for living and designing on the fringe.

Speaking of fringe, have you met my friend, Candy Johnson?

wacky tacky is a place where we are free to explore the best in art, architecture, music, film, fashion, personalities, crafting, collecting, design, history, travel, and all around adventure!

wacky tacky is more a feeling than a specific design aesthetic or time period.  You know, the feeling you get when walking through The Madonna Inn, Clifton's Cafeteria, The Golden Horseshoe at Disneyland or even the house of a friend who gets it so wrong but makes it feels so right.

wacky tacky is a lifestyle that embraces nostalgia, vintage design, healthy skepticism, hope for the future and the dream that disparate, anachronistic elements can combine to create a feeling of excitement, awareness, inspiration and comfort.

If this description sounds a tad too sentimental, wacky tacky is really just the crazy crap people throw on their walls and call art; it is a friendly "up yours" to Shabby Chic and those who take themselves too seriously - those to whom we like to refer as "wacky tacky wannabes."

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Mr. Tiny

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