Friday, April 13, 2012

Viva Las Vegas pero Mr. Tiny es Muerto!!!

Wowee!  Our first official Viva Las Vegas was a whirlwind from which I am sill recovering.  While I don't drink, smoke, gamble, or partake in bounteous buffets, I feel like just existing within the city limits of Las Vegas for five, brief days, I have returned hung over, asthmatic, broke, and bilious.  That isn't to say I didn't have a great time.  An event like this provides the ultimate in people watching, sartorial inspiration, and opportunities to hear great music, meet wonderful people and, dance!

Mr. Tiny at the Zzyzx Road salt flats on the way out to Las Vegas.

I really had no idea what to expect at Viva Las Vegas.  I'm not a "rockabilly," as it were, but sometimes I play one on TV.  We hadn't intended on going to Las Vegas, but with the kid sister's musical career taking wing (starting with the Wild Records' pre-Viva show), I decided to hitch my wagon to her star and see what Vegas had to offer.  

It is fairly well known that VLV is one giant fashion show.  While men are not immune to the clarion call of gabardine, rayon, and Lurex, it is clear that the women are the true stars of the show.  With little-to-no forethought and just days to spare, I set about sewing an entire wardrobe for Mary.  Of course, in true Mr. Tiny-fashion, I took very few and very terrible photos.  Here are the best photos of what I was able to cull from my pitiful collection and from those of friends.

For her Wednesday night pre-VLV showcase with Wild Records,
I made her a three-tiered skirt of golden plaid gathered to a
ruffled bodice with a halter neck.  She reminds me a bit of a
Tretchikoff in this one.

Mary & Pachuco Jose with whom she played after
she played her own set.  The color memo was strictly
adhered to.
Mr. Tiny & Mary cutting a rug

Thursday, we went to the Hooch 'n Smooch  where we met up
with one of my favorite bloggers, Kim of The Kim Show.
You might recognize Mary's outfit from a previous post.
I admit it, although she hates to wear things more than
once (spoiled) this one was recycled!!!!

Thursday night marked the official beginning of the VLV festivities.
Mary wore a fuschia, orange, aqua and black seersucker skirt paired with
a black, chiffon blouse and camisole.  As strange as the color story was,
she managed to find a bracelet with stripes of nearly identical hues!
Mary & Crystal resplendent in a
Lurex dress and probably one of the best jivers
in the world!

Friday, Mary gave me break and wore a vintage 40's jumpsuit.
I had an outfit planned for her, but when we found this
piece (gabardine and rayon jersey), a super-bargain after Mary haggled,
 I breathed a sigh of relief and crossed one sewing project off of my to-do list.

Mary, Amber, and Emily

One of the highlights of our trip was getting to help out our pal, Charles Phoenix.
He presented two of his amazing "big, retro slideshows" at Viva and we sold
both his books and his new t-shirts printed by none other than Tugboat Studios!
Look at Emily - so jealous that she can't be selling merch too.
Eva, Mary, and Sarah of
Stutterin Mama's Roadside Vintage Boutique.

Friday night, I got off easy and Mary wore shorts (of my making),
a sweater, a vintage, child's western kerchief, jeweled/studded
cuffs, a tooled-leather belt, and boots

Mary and Tom in his Jaime regalia.
THE Amber Foxx & Mary
Saturday was the day of the car show and Mary wore a 40's-style, pinafore, playsuit.
It is really just a pair of shorts in a novelty print that I made with straps finished in ric-rac edged ruffles.
She is also carrying the Rose Garden "Bag-sket" purse I made for her.
Mary & Emily of The Silver Screen Affair 

Saturday night is the "big" night, when everyone really
pulls out all of the stops.  I was a little reticent to have Mary wear
this as it was originally intended as a daytime outfit and is made of cotton.
My fears were baseless as many people liked the kooky, three-piece ensemble of
cropped top, capri pants and split overskirt in a most-bizarre, multi-color print.

Apparently, skirt over pants was the order of the day.
Mary & Dollie, The Rockabilly Socialite, in her
outstanding Alfred Shaheen ensemble.

Sunday was the day of the pool party.
Mary wore a vintage, rayon jumpsuit with an Asian motif,
so we paired it with an arm full of bamboo bangles and an
oversized coolie hat to which I attached a silk scarf.
 She carried the rattan, turtle purse that I found on a road
trip in New Mexico.

Under the jumpsuit she wore a vintage, Cole of California,
leopard-print swimsuit.  These really aren't too hard to find, but
she always has the thrifting mojo on her side and she scored hers for just $1!!!!

Mary & the very-glamorous Amanda
 of Butch Wax Vintage and The Amandas.

Mary, Charles & Mr. Tiny
There are several reasons why I refuse to feature more photos of myself.
Principally, beyond the tragically-ugly mug, the fact is that in 9 out of 10
photos my eyes are closed.

I was going to split the VLV into multiple posts, but as I am seriously slacking as it is, I feared I would never get around to it.  Lest you think that VLV is ONLY about clothes, here are my musical highlights from the weekend.

"Northside Gal" - J.D. McPherson
Seriously, just try and sit still!!!

Mary & J.D. McPherson

"Hold Me" - Big Sandy & The Fly-Rite Trio
Fortunately, we get to see Big Sandy pretty regularly, 
but it was a special treat to see T.K., Wally, and Bobby!

Mary & Big Sandy

"Your Love" - The Bellfuries
This Austin, TX band had all the girls sighing, but
even I had to admit that they have a great sound!

The weekend also saw our friends The Sidewynders rocking the joint and it marked the VLV debut of The Blue Collar Combo.  We also got to see Duane Eddy at the car show.  The name on everyone's lips, however, was Nikki Hill, R&B legend in the making.  She looks so cool that she wouldn't have to be able to sing, but then she opens her mouth and really lays it down!!!

The ultimate greenhorns, there was so much that we missed and yet I am not sure how we could have possibly fit more in - bowling, movies, Elvira???  It is going to take a full year for me to gather the strength just to try this all again.  Until next year....


Mr. Tiny


  1. GASP!! Will you ever tire of me crowing about your sewing skills? I hope not because I will never tire of crowing about them! You are amazing and awesome and I'm SO envious of Mary! What knock out outfits! They're all so cute! I love them!

    PS - how you feel about vegas is how I feel in costco which is why I never go anymore!

    1. Fortunately for you, I never tire of constant praise and adulation. Hahaha...totally, untrue. I will admit that it is far more comfortable to read rather than hear it face-to-face. Also, don't even get me started on Costco!!! Actually, I would love to take a trip to Costco with you so I can share my survival techniques - talk about crazy!


  3. Replies
    1. Wow! Thanks Kim! Funnily enough, my friend Dollie saw Mary's pinafore/playsuit and said "That looks just like a Nudeedudee," - high praise, indeed. Thanks for checking out my blog!

      Mr. Tiny

  4. Is your name Kim also? Wow, that makes 4 vintage repro Kims that I know of so far!! And we're neighbors!

    1. Nope, not Kim...but now I'm kind of wishing it was if it puts me in such great company. It's just plain, old Mr. Tiny!

  5. Great blog as usual!! Thanks for showing all of Marys outfits for the week. You are so talented, you must come out with your own line of clothing.

    1. Oh, Anon, when will you let your real identity be known? Thanks for your kind day you will be unmasked!!!

  6. There's a lot of glam in this post!

    1. Thanks for checking it out! Yes, there WAS a lot of glamour, but now it is back to real life...Mary is back in her potato sack!

  7. Fantastic post! But I cant believe I didn't get one photo with either one of you guys!!I should have been taking a photo with Mary, each in our Viva originals. Well I guess it'll have to be a goal for next year!

    1. Thanks Reagan! As always, you looked GREAT! As is evidenced by the above photos, I was totally lame with the picture taking so we missed some good photo ops! Next year for sure!!!

  8. looks like tons of fun! my boyfriend recently got me into a lot of wild records bands...good stuff!!

    1. It was fun. Unfortunately, I am like an old man and I am totally unused to that much fun all at once. I'm tired!!! Wild Records has a reputation around SoCal, but my experience is that much of the music is good and many of the artists are really nice!

  9. You are so lucky to have such a lovely muse! I echo others when I say Mary is so lucky to have you, but I wish you would branch out and design for others, you would be in high demand, my friend. Also, I would love to see more photo's of you and your Tiny- do not have an "ugly mug" but a face with life and character. You're looking great in these photos...even with your eyes closed. :)

    1. Thanks Cari! The problem is that I don't really enjoy sewing; it is a necessary evil in order to see my ideas fully realized. Thank you for the compliment on my "not ugly mug." I'll have to settle for "character." Hahahahahaha!

  10. Also, Mary really needs to start a blog with hair tutorials. Her hair is always perfect! Beautiful!

    1. To try and get Mary to do ANYTHING would be a full-time job. She has a blog, but goodness knows that she never updates it. She'll really enjoy the compliment, however!

  11. Oh! My! Goodness! SO MANY GORGEOUS OUTFITS. SO MANY. I just can't get over Mary's clothes (and your craftsmanship!)... what a doll. I want to get out there to that event some day!

    1. Thanks Lisa!!! If you do go, plan on an extra week to RECOVER. We would love to see you there next year!