Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Donna Loren Dreaming

Do you ever have a moment about which you wish you had dreamt your entire life so that when it happens you can honestly say, "It's like a dream come true?"  A few weeks ago I had such a moment when I heard that sweet siren of 60's, surfside song, Donna Loren.

Donna Loren

Donna Loren is probably not a household name unless you and your family are total nerds about 60's television programming and the brilliant movies produced by American International Pictures.  A featured player in many of AIP's best, Donna Loren gave voice to the lovelorn, beach-bound "teens" of such cinematic wonders as Bikini Beach, Pajama Party, and Beach Blanket Bingo.

"Love's A Secret Weapon" - Donna Loren in Bikini Beach

"Among the Young" - Donna Loren in Pajama Party

"It Only Hurts When I Cry" - Donna Loren in Beach Blanket Bingo

To be perfectly honest, I did not have a lifelong dream of meeting Donna Loren.  Then again, I never dreamt that I would get the chance to meet her.  Those bashful doe eyes, that pert little nose, the plaintive voice - Donna Loren is a living dream.  As boring as I think my life can be, I only have to review a month's worth of photographs to realize how very fortunate I am.  One moment we're on a wacky whirlwind road trip and the next we're meeting a contemporary of Frankie & Annette!

I have said it before but for the sake of this photo, it bears repeating; I have never gone through
 a "goth" phase; I'm just too goofy.  For Donna, I could definitely change my ways...if'n there was
 a horror hootenanny!  Dig that crazy spider!

Saturday, April 13, 2013, marked the Los Angeles benefit for Norton Records (another victim of Hurricane Sandy).  Organized by three Los Angeles-based music aficionados, DJ Howie PyroThe Real Boss Hoss, and Deke Dickerson, the benefit show featured many incredible bands - The Phantom Surfers, The Go-Nuts, Untamed Youth, and Thee Cormans (ahem).  As awesome as all of the acts were, the real highlight of the day-long concert was hearing Donna Loren.  Never having had the chance to meet my dancing idol (and Loren's fellow AIP star) Candy Johnson, and coming on the heels of the inimitable Annette Funicello's passing, it was a real moment for me to see and to meet Donna.

May I say that she looks INCREDIBLE!!!
Unfortunately, my pictures didn't turn out well, but she was an absolute
stunner in a gold mini skirt that she made for herself in the 60's.

"Muscle Bustle" - Donna Loren backed by Deke Dickerson
Of course, the sound quality on my camera is weak
 but I still had to share her performance with you.

"Muscle Bustle" - Donna Loren in Muscle Beach Party

Ms. Loren's acting credits extend far beyond the beach party movies.  With regular and guest-starring roles on The Monkees, The Milton Berle Show, Batman, Dr. Kildare, Gomer Pyle: USMC, and others, she was a fixture of the 60's small screen as well.  And now she is a fixture of our wacky tacky scrapbook!!!

Our pal, Teresia, of The Mentalettes, Donna Loren, Mary, and Mr. Tiny
Donna was gorgeous, gracious, and extremely generous for the .003 seconds that we
had to meet her and snap a quick photo.  Understandably, there was a major line
 forming to behind us to do the very same.  

You know it is a pretty wonderful life when dreams you didn't even have are coming true!  Thanks to the fellas for putting on a great show!  And thanks to Donna for an incredible performance and some great memories!

Do you have a star encounter that would be a dream come true?  Let us know; until then, we'll be doing the "Muscle Bustle."


Mr. Tiny


  1. OMG I thought you were gonna say that she died too, and I was gonna be so sad! Now I'm happy that she's still alive, and that my pals got to meet her :-)

    We're playing (my ab-fave beach party movie) Beach Blanket Bingo at The Colonial Theatre in July and I'm SO FREAKIN EXCITED to see it - in 35mm on the big screen, I can't wait!

    1. I am so sorry for the scare! Not only is she NOT dead, she is still knocking everyone else dead! It was such a thrill to see her. I am a weirdo; I count "Pajama Party" as my probable favorite among the AIP beach party movies. Your screening sounds like it is going to be killer! What are you going to wear? Remember, Annette (and Donna for that matter) were almost always one-piece girls!

  2. What a cutie, and she still looks bangin’! I love her hand made 60 mini skirt. Man, I had the Norton Records benefit on my calendar & then forgot to go. D’oh!

    1. Well, if you missed anything by not going, it was definitely Donna Loren! We sure would've had more fun if you were there dancing with us!

  3. How exciting! She looks fantastic. I just adore those beach party movies. What a treat!

    1. Doesn't she look great?! She sounded just as good as she looked AND she was nice! That's what I call a triple threat!

  4. how fun! and she is still so beautiful!
    i sometimes think i have a pretty boring life sometimes, then i look back over my blog and see how much fun stuff i'm able to do!

    1. It's all about perspective. My life is relatively mundane, filled with all of the ordinary things everyone must do; then I remember to count by blessings and think of all of the killer places I get to go and people I get to meet. Nevertheless, I am still searching, searching, searching for the next awesome person/place/thing! Hopefully, I'll make out to Nashville sometime soon. My older sister and her husband moved to West Virginia a few weeks ago (taking my practically perfect nephew with them) - RATS!! Where they live is not particularly close to Nashville (about a 5-6 hour drive) but I'm thinking my adventure should include both destinations!

  5. What a treat!! I absolutely love Donna! The "Dr Pepper Girl", aww, and one of the few ladies to make a name for herself in '60s surf-y rock!! I'm glad to see she's still around and still awesome! (Her gold lamé skirt is killer!)

    1. How could I forget Dr. Pepper?!!! She is just a little bitty thing, but she still has all the charisma and charm of her 60's self. It was such a treat to see her!