Monday, April 11, 2011

Annette Addendum!!!

Due to the overwhelming response that my last post about Annette Funicello garnered, I knew you all would be waiting with baited breath for additional photos.  This one comes with a little story by way of my friend, renowned artist, philosopher and sexiest thing under a top hat, Suzy Splab.  Suzy happens to work for the Walt Disney Company and has pretty much unlimited access to the archives (I'm pretty sure she puts her Hungry-Man lunches in the same freezer where they keep Walt).  While excavating in the archives one day, she dug up this photo of Annette surrounded by her menagerie of "babies."  I find that the peignoir/stuffed animal combo sends a slightly-disturbing message.  Maybe that is why this one was buried deep in the archives under the outtakes from The Mickey Mouse Club (the one where Roy does his infamous fan dance) and behind the photos of Hayley Mills in black face.

Photo courtesy of Suzy and the Disney archives.

Leave it to Uncle Walt to put the "fun" in Funicello!


Mr. Tiny


  1. amazing.... But Hayley Mills in Black Face???? now, that would be something to see.

  2. hi, the painting in your banner is one of my favorites and I can't remember the artist's name. Could you please refresh my memory?

  3. Melina Bee - thanks for following! The artist's name is Tretchikoff. My brother has a print that I am planning on stealing one day!