Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's My Party!!!

It is my party and I will cry if I want to.  I just don't want to right now.  Today is my birthday and while I have no intention of crying, it could happen.  Getting old stinks - especially when you are really not all that old but you can feel barometric changes in your joints, you're ready for bed at 7:30, you need a new prescription for eyeglasses more and more frequently, and your next appointment is with a surgeon to determine the "best time" to suction your broken-down gall bladder out of your body.  I'm hoping it will turn out as people say; I hope I'll become more confident, self-assured, and prepared to deal with life's many challenges.  We'll see how that goes... Anyhow, is it bad form to celebrate your own birthday before anyone else does?  Probably.  But this is wacky tacky and I can do what I want.  Here are some funny old birthday songs and cartoons to help you celebrate this momentous occasion with me.  Happy Birthday to me! 

"Birthday Polka"
Tex Williams

"Baby's Birthday Party"
Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians

"What Can You Give a Nudist for His Birthday?"
Gracie Fields

"Happy Birthday Polka"
Sons of the Pioneers

"Las Mananitas"

"Betty Boop's Birthday Party"

"Mickey's Birthday Party"

"Pluto's Party"


Mr. Tiny


  1. "What can you buy a nudest for his Birthday" is my new favorite song! Thank you for sharing! I hope your birthday is as jubilant as Miss Gracie Fields!

  2. A splendidly happy birthday to you!
    Yep,getting old sux!

  3. Thanks for the birthday greetings, friends!!!! Yoohoo!