Friday, February 24, 2012

Bowl-O-Rama: Rim Bowling

Vintage bowling cake toppers
Image courtesy of A. Foxx (Europeans will know who I am talking about).

I'm not a bowler.  It may seem odd because bowling is the penultimate mid-20th Century leisure activity.  The shirts, the shoes, the leagues, and the snacks all scream wacky tacky.  Is there is a sport more suited to the wacky tacky lifestyle than bowling?  Probably not.  If there is, let's hope that it does not include the heaving of leaden spheres down a wooden alley polished to a retina-burning glare.  Seriously, why do the really lightweight, bowling balls come in pink and have holes drilled far too small for my sausage fingers?

The real reason I am not a fan of bowling is because I have never been very gifted in the bowling arts.  Essentially, every game I play consists of nine frames of gutter balls and strangely enough, one strike.  Yep, every game I have ever played, I get one strike.  Just because I am not a fan of my own personal participation, does not mean that I don't appreciate the spirit of the game and all of it's merchandise.   The following images represent what bowling means to me.

Get a load of those pins!

Vintage Bowling Salt & Pepper Shakers

If that kangaroo can teach her how to bowl,
I should be able to learn too.

Vintage Bowling Charm Necklace
Available for purchase at socaljewelbox on etsy

Nice form...and a pretty good stance too!

Vintage Bowling Shoes
Available for purchase at joolaholic on etsy

Which is harder and more aerodynamic, the bowling balls or the hair?

On a relatively-recent trip, our local mountains provided a nightlife so boring that I broke my non-bowling cardinal rule, "Never go bowling."  I went bowling.

Rim Bowling & Entertainment Center.
How could I not go bowling with a directive so clearly lit?
This was my favorite part of the evening - the sign!

You had me at "bowling shoes."

They saw us coming and almost immediately installed the bumpers, but we decided to play like grown-ups and let the pins fall where (if) they may.  Here is the gang each displaying their best bowling stance.

Erika & Mary

Mr. Tiny

Ben & Lisa

I think our combined scores would make a real bowler chuckle,
but I, in fact, had the last laugh.  The non-bowler won!

Our little bowling league may have lasted only one night, but it taught me that I like bowling more than I thought.  My problem is that I am the type who will dive headlong into bowling, not by practicing, joining a league or even visiting an alley; I would be satisfied just buying the perfect shirt, shoes, ball, and bowling bag.  The clothes make the bowler, right?

Everyone's favorite bowler, Fred Flinstone, conquers 
the raspberry seed stuck in the wisdom tooth of every
bowler, the 7-10 split!

Rim Bowling & Entertainment Center

23991 Lake Dr
Crestline, CA


Mr. Tiny


  1. I love bowling, at least I didn't lose!

    1. I could be wrong, but I think there is only one winner in bowling and the rest, well....

  2. Great post, I want that bowling necklace! Thanks for posting Fred and Barney, they always make me smile. Next stop Lindbrook?