Thursday, November 14, 2013

Giganticus Headicus: Why the Long Face?

My brother and I are Yugoslavian twins.  It's kind of like Irish (ravaged by civil unrest and ideologically divided) twins but born a little further apart (less than two years).  When we were young we couldn't go anywhere without people mistaking us for carbon copies of one another; yes, the word "twins" oft escaped the lips of these presumptuous people but behind their eyes I could see the same nagging thought, "obviously fraternal."

As the alpha twin, it is easy for me to recognize that there are a certain amount of similar features shared by all the children in my family - the most striking of these, perhaps, being our large heads.  My brother's head, however, was always especially giant.  Luckily, at this point in his life he has grown into it, but as a child he developed the dubious nickname, "Lemonhead."

Depending on the haircut he was sporting, my brother
could've easily been the model for the candy mascot.

A recent adventure weekend landed us quite literally face-to-face with a rare specimen that left my brother's head looking, well...average.  

"Giganticus Headicus"

Giganticus Headicus is an enormous, green, cranial statue fashioned very much in the Easter Island tradition (chicken wire, cement, and green paint) that stands sentry along old Route 66 at Antares Point in Kingman, Arizona.  Standing in this mock-Moai's presence is very humbling - especially for folks whose already-oversized heads are further swollen with the pride of winning "big head" contests.

The wacky tacky adventure team - Mary, Jesse, Emily, Cynthia,
Nick, and Mr. Tiny (the last two being possible descendants
of Giganticus Headicus).

In the forecourt of the Kozy Korner Trailer Park, Giganticus Headicus reminds us exactly why we love road trips and exactly why we love the desert.  The desert's sweeping vistas and broad expanses offer a seemingly-endless landscape in which one can not only explore but create wacky tacky!

Mary and Jesse go in for the pick as Mr. Tiny basks in both the desert sun
and the knowledge that there are heads in existence that are blissfully
bigger than his own...and old Lemonhead's.

A product of Gregg Arnold's own head (figuratively speaking, of course), Giganticus Headicus is the tiki-themed centerpiece to a greater roadside experience.  Just one part of a large installation of desert art and roadside novelties, Giganticus Headicus is the reason to stop; the rare sight of Baby Rattlers is the reason to stay!

Babies can be more dangerous than adults!

(Insert rim shot or sad trombone here) wah-wah...

If you find yourself along Route 66 in need of some kicks, be sure to stop by and compare noggins with old Giganticus Headicus - you'll feel positively puny!

Giganticus Headicus
Antares Point on Route 66
Walapai, AZ


Mr. Tiny


  1. Thanks for the heads up on this attraction...waka waka waka! We'll definitely make this stop on our trip in a few weeks!

    1. Oh good, I'm glad to add a stop to your trip. I hope you guys have a great time!!

  2. how cool! i love how BRIGHT it is! and his slightly worried looking brow.

    1. Hahaha!!! I think I'd be worried too if I had all those stinky roadtrippers under my nose!

  3. Oh I adore it! "Baby Rattlers" that might just become an attraction at the Casablanca! Haha looks like a fun road trip.

    1. Yes, you definitely need to recreate it and make the Casablanca its own roadside attraction/destination!

    2. Lucky Us, we got the Founder's Tour! Artist & owner Gregg (far left in pic) has the immense A-frame in flux, & how we all want to live & create THERE...DO write him if YOU desire to be a part of this kewl space!!!