Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sew What?! Putting the "WOW" in Pow Wow!!!

Yipes!!!  Two weeks sure flies by when you are not having any fun.  Okay, okay, I had a little bit of fun but mostly my head was down, toiling away at my latest hat-making venture and preparing for the Tiny & Mary performance at the Charles Phoenix Wig Wam Pow Wow (much more on that to come).

I was flattered when Charles asked me to bring as many hats as I could muster to sell at what is sure to become a signature event for him.  Depending on Mary to be a walking advertisement for my pop-up hat shop, I had every intention of making her some thematically-appropriate headwear - and leaving the rest of her outfit in her hands.  Oh, the best laid plans...

The custom TeePee Topper!
Inspired by the paint scheme of the earliest Wig Wam Motels, I recreated the iconic
serpentine stripe with red ric rac.  I painted dowels for the tent poles and gathered a
Marimekko remnant as a stand-in for the planter that surrounds each wigwam motel room.

Unfortunately, when one makes such a specific accessory, the fundamental elements of a coordinating ensemble are somewhat elusive.

Digging through the fabric stash, I was surprised to discover just two
scant yards of a Native American novelty print, featuring, flowers,
teepees, horses, and warrior braves.

Completely unaware of the fabric's origin, I almost sent it back to the bottom of fabric mountain for its lack of sophistication and unrefined design.  However, if lack of refinement and sophistication immediately consign one to the bottom of the heap, I would never be allowed in polite society.  Denying the natural hypocrite within me, I intended to make the most of this fabric.

This is much more indicative of what my sketch pad looks
like than some of the other illustrations I've shared.  A small
amount of time and a small amount of fabric meant that the
outfit would need to be equally brief.  Weary of making bra
tops, I made a simple play suit consisting of a cropped peasant
top and a short, gathered skirt; I used every inch of that material!

Accessorized with just a few red bangles and a '68 Cadillac Coupe de Ville,
Mary and Fabian took the outfit and the car out for a spin!

I guess we won't be winning any awards for cultural sensitivity with this one, but we consider the outfit and the Wigwam Motel to be true celebrations of Americana!  Have you ever slept in a wigwam?


Mr. Tiny

p.s. Put A Lid On It Sun Hats from Mr. Tiny's Workshop will be listed soon!


  1. Oh this place looks incredible! I gotta stay there one day. And I love the gorgeous outfit, cultural appropriate or not :D

    1. Thanks, Van! We love our local Wogwam Motel; it is definitely my kind of bucket list item to have slept in a teepee/wigwam!

  2. i squealed with delight seeing that teepee hat on your instagram! it is PERFECT! and i can't wait to see more from the event! AND i can't wait to see the rest of the hats in your shop!

    1. Thanks, Rae! I sent you a message on FB re: hats. I hope there is one that you like!

  3. That is just amazing! I love that Mary can pull off outfits like that. I would just look and feel awkward.

    1. Hahaha!!! I think she is too naive to ever feel awkward in these crazy get-ups!!! Thanks!

  4. That hat is just to fabulously wacky tacky for words! I love your creations!!!