Tuesday, January 18, 2011

wacky tacky: a primer

wacky tacky is not just mid-20th-Century kitsch.  It embraces the style and sentiment of people who longed to leave their mark on the world through creative design - be it fashion, interior, architectural, industrial, graphic or even culinary.  wacky tacky may seem like the misguided assemblage of derelict remnants of a time gone by - and maybe it is; more than a curated collection of artifacts, however, wacky tacky is the veritable smash up of cultures, religions, eras, design sensibilities, and color schemes with an added disregard for traditional design and its adherence to the often stringent rules of classical form, scale, composition, and proportion.  wacky tacky is an amalgam of disparate elements that, when combined, create an atmosphere of fun and frivolity. wacky tacky, the blog, promises to be an light-hearted chronicle of the adventures of Mr. Tiny and his associates as they create, design and explore places that ignite the senses and inspire the absurd.  Also, wacky tacky promises to stop referencing itself in the third person from here on out.

Dreamy examples of wacky tacky:

 Kitsch 'n Swell Vintage, Montreal

60's Circus Ruffle Blouse handmade by Mr. Tiny

 Rancho Super Car Wash, Rancho Mirage, CA

Roadside Americana, Mentone, CA

Gnome Gnativity hand painted by Mr. Tiny

Hillbilly Hot Rod, Templeton, CA 

Laguna de San Gabriel Playground at Vincent Lugo Park, San Gabriel, CA 

 Tiki Basket Purse handmade by Mr. Tiny

Lucky Rock Room, Maddona Inn, San Luis Obispo, CA

Not wacky, just tacky:


Mr. Tiny


  1. SOO EXCITED to see you have joined the blogosphere!!

    P.S.- my confirmation code was "lintmers"
    There's something wacky tacky we can make out of that ;)

  2. wow Chris, I didnt know there were so many Tacky and Wacky People in this world... you have enlighten me...
    thanks, Pal

  3. Welcome to blog land!