Sunday, October 2, 2011

What, Me Wordy?

My brother says my posts are too long.  This may or may not be the first time I have been accused of being verbose.  Indeed, I endured a long period of adjustment in a college journalism class; why say it in five words if I could say it one hundred?  Why answer the five W's in a succinct manner when it is so easy to meander into a well-intentioned treatise on mariachi music?

Well, to prove to my brother, myself, and the world, that brevity is truly the soul of my wit, I just want to share some photo-booth photos taken at a friend's recent wedding.  Firstly, they are the only pictures of me taken in the last 20 years that I actually like.  Secondly, from here on out I'm not sure that couples will be allowed to refer to their nuptials as a "wedding" unless a mariachi band is involved.  I LOVE mariachi music and the aforementioned wedding was underscored by one of the best mariachi bands I have ever heard.  The trumpeter/vocalist had a voice worthy of La Scala.  The echo of the string instruments across the traditional, stained glass-laden, heavily-mosaicked Catholic church gave me goosebumps.  The combination of religious and secular music - including a cover of Perry Como's "It's Impossible" - truly knocked my socks off.  Oh, right...brevity....

The funniest part of these photos came when we took them to our table and compared them with the photos of other guests; their photos appeared to be in full color while ours appeared slightly-aged and barely tinted.  I was convinced that the photographer saw us and immediately switched the dial to the "old-timey" setting.  As it turns out that was not the case.  Apparently, our faces are so big, so white, and so close to the flash that the color got washed out!  Nevertheless, I actually like the way they turned out.  Note to self: get a tan.


Mr. Tiny


  1. I love these pix! I wish we had one of these bloody photobooths around,I love the vintagey feel!
    O,I bought a Janet Klein & Her Parlour Boys CD for my man for his b'day this last weekend,and we are both loving it!!! Thank you so much for introducing me to her! We're listening to it agin right now! Gonna order a couple more!:)

  2. Ha ha ha! A short but sweet post. Love the photos! What a cute idea for a wedding also

  3. HA! Awesome. These pictures are made of win.

  4. I am laughing out loud at that last bit about your big and bright faces! Those photos are really pretty awesome, and that's a neat touch for a wedding. I like your mariachi band idea... while we didn't have one, I think we can come close to getting a pass for having a Western-themed party.

    I too have the gift of verbosity, so I consider myself in good company. ;)

  5. Thanks guys!

    Helga - I'm so glad you like Janet. As great as her albums are, she is even better in person!

    Trixie - apparently photo booths are the new "thing." I just watched a tv show where the characters were at a wedding and a photo booth was a major player in the scene.

    Tasha - As much as I love a good mariachi band, I dream about a western-style, barn dance. You definitely get a pass!