Friday, May 4, 2012

Chow Time: Circus Do-Nuts

If you saw our recent post, Get Your FREAK On: Just Your Average Family Freak Show, you'll know that we are method party-givers.  We trained at The Party-Givers' Studio and we are dedicated to doing thorough research to hone our technique.  When it's party time, we live it, we breathe it, and we NEVER break character!  It was only obvious, necessary even, that we search out local haunts that would get us into a circus "headspace." 

Now that's a great sign!

The circus, as a theme, is rife with possibilities.  Imagine (sometimes it helps to close your eyes) a donut shop with a trapeze artist, a clown, a balloon-animal artist, an elephant, and a ferris wheel.  Now imagine a donut shop with a faux-mansard roof painted in the red & white stripes of a big-top circus tent and the complete and utter absence of a trapeze artist, clown, elephant, or ferris wheel.  The latter describes Circus Do-Nuts.  That might sound like a little bit of a dig, but given the exciting potential, the management at Circus Do-Nuts doesn't allow the theme become fully-realized. 

Don't you kind of want to paint the chef's hat with a rainbow
afro and turn the man wearing the striped pants and See's Candy
 dress into a clown?  A circus clown.

Let it be said that I actually think Circus Do-Nuts is cool.  While it is definitely not the greatest donut show on earth, we truly appreciate any outlet of fried delicacies that maintains a charm and character that is so lacking in contemporary establishments of its kind.

The good bones are there including molded fiberglass chairs,
sherbet-colored formica....

...and checkerboard linoleum.

And then there's the donuts!

Are you getting tired of hearing me say that donuts (and practically everything else worth eating) are not on Mr. Tiny's current eating plan?  You are?  Well, trust me, not nearly as tired as Mr. Tiny is of not eating this delicious stuff!

My favorite part was the novelty toy vending
machine in the back corner of the shop.

Don't make fun of only took her about
fourteen tries to put the quarters in.
Sometimes working a machine that is intended
for children can be really hard.

We decided on the gag set - two whoopie cushions and a rubber spider.

If you're ever out and about in Torrance, be sure to check out Circus Do-Nuts.  It may not be the only place to buy donuts, lottery tickets, ice cream bars, and whoopie cushions, but for our money, it is the best circus-themed establishment in Torrance, CA at which to do so!

Circus Do-Nuts
1500 W Carson St
Torrance, CA


Mr. Tiny


  1. That place is adorables! Bless you for having the strength to resist those fried wheels of deliciouslness. I'm sure your taste buds are angry, but they'll have to duke it out with the waistline, now won't they! It's a constant battle for me on Retro Roadmap road trips for sure :-)

    1. I'm beginning to think that resistance is futile!!! Isn't eating on the road one of the hardest things?

    2. I think NOT eating on the road is the hardest thing! Being removed from actual reality - and my everyday wardrobe- and the fact that there are some foods you'll probably never come across again ( like when we came across Kolaches while driving to Austin TX - makes it near impossible to be on a diet or feign eathing healthy. Vive le stretchpants!

  2. what a super cute place! LOL, fourteen tries

    1. Actually, she still might be there trying to put quarters in the machine. I'm confident that she'll get the hang of it someday.....

  3. Mr. Tiny - wanted to share with you my fave local donut - I mistakenly referred to it as a Buttermilk Earthquake previously, but realized they're sour cream earthquakes. I think the sour cream in the batter makes them burst on one side, so the surface area for fried crunchy corners and bits is increased over the plain smooth regular donuts. Covered in a glaze, they are to-die-for. Here's the one I got this morning, you know - research! - as the kids say, NOM!

  4. WOW! Thanks for the link; I love the composition of the photo! We have earthquakes out here in CA, but I think it might be worth a trip to PA to experience an earthquake of an entirely different (and delicious) nature!!!

    1. Mr. T (I pity the fool!)

      If you're ever in the Philadelphia side of PA do give us a buzz - we'll be glad to bring you on a donut tour and more!

    2. As if the temptation of donuts wasn't enough!!! What a thrill to be escorted by the Royal Roadtrip Family!!! I'm hoppin' on a plane - Wowee!

  5. Ohhh mannn! Fun fun stuff! This post has me grinning ear to ear! :) Great pics!! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    xo Jenny Holiday

    1. THANKS! Thanks for checking out our blog. We love meeting new bloggers and new blogs! Yours is just BEAUTIFUL!