Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rockabilly Prom: A Wedding for Zack & Dollie

In high school I had an actual prom date.  Many years later, I have been reduced to accompanying my sister to the prom.  The "prom" in this case was the wonderful wedding reception of our friends Zack and Dollie.  

Mary wore the dress that I made for her actual high school prom.
I tried my best to look like the nerdy, math teacher/chaperone.

I had some remnants of the lace and ribbon that I used for Mary's prom dress, so I made her a corsage.
Not being a florist, I just had to wing it.  Can fresh flowers be hot glued?  We were about to find out. 

The reception was held at an historic Elks Lodge and was fully
decked out to look like a high school prom circa 1954.

Oh, so it was proof that you wanted that we were at an Elks Lodge.
Taxidermy is always welcome at wacky tacky!

What is a prom without prom photos?  Everyone was treated to photo op's on the beautiful paper moon that Reagan and Dollie built and painted!!!

Our new pals, Adam & Susannah
(photo by Sandra)

Emily & Jesse, the next to get hitched!
(photo by Amber)

Furthermore, what's a 50's prom/wedding reception without prom dresses?  The women brought out their prom best for the occasion!

Emily, Mary, and Amber
Pastel perfection.

At some point during the evening, it became apparent that
shades of blue and green were the most popular.
Emily, Deen, Cara, Mary, and Reagan

That isn't to say that Nicole and Sandra didn't make a splash in their purple and pink!

Dollie and the gang.
If someone stretched the miles and miles of lace, chiffon, and tulle
that were used for all of the frothy 50's prom dresses in attendance, I'm pretty
sure she could have reached the moon - or at least Omaha, Nebraska.

The cake!
Right about now I am second-guessing my choice to abstain.

The happy couple, Dollie & Zack.

The music for the evening was second to none and included The Blue Collar Combo, The Sidewynders, Roy Rapid and The Rhythm Rock Trio, The Dave & Deke Combo, Amber Foxx, Mary Simich, and the unmatched skills of DJ Lucky La Rocka.  It was a dancer's paradise.

The Blue Collar Combo
(photo by Sandra)

Amber Foxx and the boys

Mary penned a brand new song for the newlyweds!!!
(photo by Sandra)

Looking like a real, live crooner, Mr. Tiny even got up to do a number!
(photo by Amber)

The music was getting so wild, and Zack and Dollie were getting so groovy on the dance floor, that Dollie's hat had to go.  I took the hat for her and couldn't help but encourage everybody to take a turn wearing it.  Some folks took the traditional approach and wore it on their heads; others got a bit more creative - I hope Dollie didn't mind.

Then it was time to crown the prom court.  The only thing I was nominated for was official crown holder...

Somehow Mary managed to play the drum rolls AND crown the court!
I love this picture! 
Mary placing the crown on the Queen of the Prom
(and blushing bride), Dollie.
Mr. & Mrs. Simpson taking their rightful place as
prom royalty.

Just because the king and queen had been crowned, didn't mean the party was over.  The music kept going so that meant more DANCING!

For the uninitiated types, there were Bunny Hop instructions at each table!
As if Mr. Tiny needed directions!!!!

I'll give you just one guess who won the dance contest.
I swear that this said "Best Dancer" before it changed to
"BS Dancer" and eventually "B- Dancer."

If I learned one thing at prom, it was to NEVER fall asleep....

...and STAY asleep!!!

Okay, okay, so the hot glue could only withstand so much abuse.
This is the corsage after it fell apart and Mary tried to put it back together
with a little help from Scotch tape and a crepe-paper bow.

Congratulations Zack & Dollie!  Thanks for including us in your special day!

Here's to many, many more happy dances together!
(photo by Amber)


Mr. Tiny


  1. what a swell looking wedding!!!!!

  2. Wow! What a GREAT idea for a wedding! Looks like a blast! Congrats to the couple!

    1. It was really fun! I haven't danced as much in a long time!

  3. I can't BE.LIEVE. how cool this wedding idea turned out. The "paper" moon photo backdrop? The aluminum streamer-tinsel, and pastel balloons? EVERYBODY'S amazing outfits? What song did you do for your big stage debut? You look like a total star! In a geekt math teacher kind of way. What other way is there?! :)

    1. Hahaha!!! I wouldn't know how to look any other way. Yep, they got all the details right. It was a very fun evening.

  4. Wow how fun!! You all look great! Love the dresses, the moon and especially the cake which incidentally looks like a dress my friend owned!

    1. Mmmmmmm....cake dress... There's nothing like a great party to make the rest of one's life seem so boring. It was VERY fun!

  5. Wow!!! What a great party you had! It's like The under the sea party in Back to the future... a real teenage dream for me! So american, nothing like that in France in the 50's....

    1. It was a great party. Zack, Dollie, and the crew did a fantastic job with everything! I'm sure Dollie will take it as a huge compliment that it reminds you of "Back to the Future." You may not have had American-style proms in 1950's France, but I'm pretty sure you guys had DIOR!

  6. Y'all look like you had a grand time. I love tulle and froth (not on me, but I think that's why I like it so much.)

    1. Tons of fun was had by all!!! I love it too; all that fluff is so effective on the dance floor!