Tuesday, May 1, 2012

De Doo Doo Doo, De Dah Dah Dah

Well, Howdy!
Nope, that's not Temple Grandin dressed
for the Golden Globes; that's Mr. Tiny
dressed for The Doo Dah Parade!!!

Do you ever feel like a chicken (you'll come to appreciate the analogy later) running around with its head cut off?  Lately we have had so much going on (fun stuff, I'm not complaining too emphatically), that I feel directionless, exhausted, and powered exclusively by nervous energy.  Certain areas of my existence have suffered - sleep, cleanliness/organization, and blogging being no exceptions.

Mike probably has a cleaner bedroom than I.

Weary but excited, we woke early last weekend to participate in the second-annual Easy Acres Chicken Sitting entry in the 2012 Doo Dah Parade

You might remember the fun feathered fiasco of last year's Easy Acres entry as documented by our humble blog.  This year our theme was The Grand Ole Opry circa 1972.  Rhinestones, big hair, chickens, and a 1960 Cadillac Eldorado convertible were the order of the day.

Our Mistress of Ceremonies, Honky Tonk Queen, Grand Marshall, and
all-around Red Hot Chicken Picker, Anna, of Easy Acres Chicken Sitting

Deke Dickerson lent himself and his Cadillac to the festivities.
Have you see any finer fins than this?
Due to an allergy among our ranks, our usual flurry of feathers was forbidden.
That didn't stop the storm of sequins and confetti!

Chicken Head

Our flock
The Ladies who Parade

Yes, those are tortillas (hurled by rather-overzealous crowd members).
And yes, we did save them for our post-parade party - we served chicken tacos.

Every person's motives for parade participation are different.  Many people are there because they are part of a performance troupe.  Many people are there because there are too few parades in which to practice the drills of your Disco Drill Team.  While plenty of us were there just for fun, some people had a light, and a message, that they just couldn't hide under a bushel any longer.

"Cannabis Safer Than Alcohol"

She turned her sign just as the shutter snapped, but it read,
"Moms say legalize it!"
Marijuana? Prostitution? Gambling? Smokeless tobacco for children in wagons?
Not my mom - on any of those issues - just for the record.

The dominant theme this weekend was "fins and fowl."  After experiencing the grandeur of chickens and that '60 Eldorado, we motored down to San Diego for the Charles Phoenix show followed by a dinner at The San Diego Chicken Pie Shop and a two-car Plymouth show.  Two of our dinner companions drove their Plymouths and the fins couldn't help but be the star of the show!

The San Diego Chicken Pie Shop won for best execution of legume-based chicken mosaics, 
but I have to say that it doesn't hold a candle to our beloved, La Palma Chicken Pie Shop!

This is how the chicken....
...wanted to cross the road.

"Golden Commando Power"
My new catch phrase

I have absolutely no idea what this song means, but it says "do" and "da," and my lengthy preamble nothwithstanding, it's pretty much all I want to say to you.

"De Do Do Do De Da Da Da" - The Police

And just a couple more CHICKENS!!!


Mr. Tiny


  1. OMG what a fabulous parade entry into what looks like a fabulous parade!!!!! We have a little local parade every year here in Phoenixville PA (home of The Blob) and I'm totally forwarding this post to my local pals for inspiration for next year's parade. Alas, Retro Roadhusband and I will miss this year's parade, but for a good reason - we'll be in Californ-eye-aye celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary!

    1. It was pretty fun. The best part is that the parade is VERY short so there isn't the exhaustion of a 4-mile march down the road!! I looked up The Blobfest - looks so fun! Congrats on the 10-year anniversary and welcome to sunny California. Tell me that you're coming to SoCal - it's smoggy but beautiful!!!

  2. So awesome! In my opinion, there can be no better theme than the Opry in 1972. Fantastic. And wow, that legume art is ah-mazing!

  3. It was a blast. I'd love to get back and visit the real Opry...I don't think our last minute outfits quite did it justice! AS far as the art goes, I am looking at my pantry with entirely new eyes. Those dried beans could be my very own chicken!!!

  4. Wow! This looks like it was such a blast! Love it!

    1. Thanks Lauren!!! It would have been even more fun if you guys were there. We're ready for an adventure with y'all!

  5. Mr. Tiny, you sure know how to have fun! i haven't been to the San Diego chicken pot pie shop but I get down with La Palma Pie quite often. I'm digging your parade duds. Your sis always looks so cute too.

    1. Thanks! Sometimes you've just got to break out the sequins and rhinestones. I've got a hankerin' for La Palma right now!!!

  6. You had me at," Temple Grandin dressed for the Golden Globes"!

    1. You like that one? Hahahaha....I knew I was a celebrity look-a-like; it just took me some time to figure out who the celebrity was!