Monday, September 15, 2014

Sew What?! Putting Summer Sewing to Bed in Beach Pajamas

First things first, this isn't my first time at the beach pajama-recreation rodeo; you might remember last summer's "The Copycat's Pajamas."  Well, over a year later and not completely satisfied with the results of my last attempt, I realized that it was time to revisit the idea of the 1930s sur la plage by completing a long-unfinished project.

I had long earmarked a floral-print, rayon-linen blend in the stash for some flowery beach pajamas; Using that fabric, I actually made the top in the midst of my Summer 2013 mania for Deco-era halter tops.  Out of the same cheery, dogwood-printed material, I constructed the "'Fun in the Sun' Hat" for my most recent "Sew What?!" project.  To complete the ensemble, all I had left to sew were the pants.  With the previous pajamas, I simply made wide-legged pants.  I wanted to tweak it a little by making a more period-appropriate flared trouser.  I even toyed with the idea of including contrasting godets but couldn't find a coordinating material in a suitable weight/color.

The concept

Settling on as wide a flare as the fabric would allow, I came to a startling realization once the pants were completed - it was time to take photographs!!  If I have a forte, sadly, photography is not it (but I'm working on it).  Luckily, our pal Fabian and his trusty camera were available and ready for a seaside shoot.  So, in the glow of the afternoon sun, we headed down to the shore.

As is the case when presented with so many great photographs, it is no small feat when tasked with choosing a I didn't (I guess editing isn't my forte either).  Get ready for a picture-heavy post!

Limited fabric means the pants aren't as wide and wonderful as I had hoped for.
Nevertheless, the circumference of each hem measures forty-eight inches!

"Greeting from sunny California!"
Picture postcard perfect

Girl-on-gull action

Modeling clothes can be such a bother...

Wanting a little something extra, I isolated the floral design with a satin stitch and made a 2D/3D (2 1/2D?) corsage. 

Casual summer clothing is always a favorite to create and the heat
wave around here is only encouraging me.  Darn you, global warming!

But even if the weather says otherwise, I suppose it is time to put summer sewing to bed.

Every time I thought Fabian had captured all the angles that he wanted, I directed Mary to "frolic."
Getting fairly restless each time the frolic was called off so we could try something
else, Mary was joyful when at last she was allowed to splash in the surf!

With the temperatures across Southern California reaching into the triple digits, we are still deep in the dog days of summer.  When faced with the alternatives, we don't really mind it.  We're having a heat wave!  Do you like like summer or are you ready for it to be over (at least the Northern Hemisphereans among you)?  Are you ready for sweaters and scarves?  Pumpkins and pine cones?  Coats and candy corn?

We'll feel fine when Fall finally rolls around; until then, however, we'll still be here, soaking up the sun!

"Heat Wave" - Ethel Waters (recorded 1933)


Mr. Tiny


  1. You are really the best!!!! You must absolutly open a shop!!!!!

  2. So pretty! Mary is the perfect model for beach pajamas.

  3. Ahhhhh, what a fantastic outfit and gorgeous model! Great photos, too. I love the wide-legged pants. Been thinking about making myself some lately. I think swooshing into a room would be a lovely feeling...I live in Texas (Austin) where it takes a long time to cool down for fall. We just had some unseasonably cool days plus rain two days ago. All that gloominess and chill was welcomed, but I'm not ready for it to stay. I moved here for a reason! Hot weather---cute dresses all the way!!!!

    1. Thank you! Wishing you all the warm dress weather you can handle!

  4. HAHA, no autumn in sight here in Florida, either. It's so hot I very nearly passed out on my bike not too long ago. Fun to think of Halloween kitsch to come, at least. LOVE the photos and outfit, as always!

    1. Thanks, Van! Yikes!!! When talking to a Floridian, I know I can't complain about humidity but it's unusual here so we don't know what to do with ourselves! I am so looking forward to Halloween - time to start planning.