Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Crazy Crafty: I'm Dreaming of a BIG Dream Pet!

Perhaps it is the flocks ("herds" doesn't allow for such clever word play) of flocked reindeer so ubiquitous at the holidays. Perhaps it is because they are the only pets that don't amplify my seasonal allergies.  Or perhaps it is the fact that they are a perpetual line item (bold and underlined) on my yearly letters to Santa Claus.  Whatever the reason, Dream Pets always remind me of Christmas.  It doesn't really matter that the only two Dream Pets I own that are not currently in storage include a backpacking squirrel and a red-and-white poodle; I can't help but get wistful for the holiday season whenever I see a Dream Pet.

At least I think it's a poodle...

One might think that after my tedious dealings with Mary's Showgirl Halloween costume that I would have gotten my fill of red velveteen but after giving the remnants a second look, I started dreaming of a big Dream Pet.  Attempting to recreate the red-and-white poodle Dream Pet in a large scale, would be my way of finally setting Halloween aside and welcoming in the winter holiday.

I actually had nearly all the materials on hand - red velveteen, fiber fill,
button nose, pink material for the tongue and eyelids, and black vinyl for the
eyelashes.  The only thing I needed to buy was one skein of nubby white yarn!

Much like the crack team at Madame Tussaud's, I had to carefully study my subject, taking countless measurements, making several plaster molds, and photographing it from every angle.

Or maybe, and much more likely, I just dove head first into making my own pattern with
absolutely no technical understanding of pattern drafting/grading for poodles whatsoever.

After one rough draft, I started sewing, pushing past the usual thoughts of, "This is never going to work," that occur whenever I begin a new project.  I was afraid I had hit a major roadblock when, after stuffing its red, velveteen body, I sewed the Dream Pet shut and stood up, or rather tried to stand up, my strange, faceless creation.  The disproportionately-gargantuan head toppled the pet over every time.  Mildly discouraged, I forged ahead, figuring that adding the tail would act as a suitable counterbalance; and wouldn't you know, it worked! 

What resulted, however, was hardly an exact replica of the toy.
Generously described as only a reasonable facsimile, the poodle's
fluffy fur was achieved by making the world's longest chain of single 
crochet (I'm trying to make that sound fancy but after one lesson, 
more than fifteen years ago, the only crochet stitch I still remember 
how to do is a single crochet).  I simply wrapped the legs and looped 
the crochet chain over the tail's wire frame.

Sure, my big Dream Pet's enormous head is cocked at a jaunty angle, the fur is bright white, and the eyes
are a little high on the head.  Nevertheless, I think this pair could easily pass in public as parent and child.

To heighten the seasonal splendor, and to avoid the inevitable cease-and-desist
orders from the Dakin Corporation, I averted what would otherwise be considered
blatant trademark infringement by making my Dream Pet's bow out of vintage
"Velvette" ribbon in emerald green and topping it with a holiday pick from the
local cake supply store!

This Christmas, while most people are dreaming about luxury goods and a giant, red bow atop a brand new car, you can be sure that Mr. Tiny's Dream Pet reverie will only be briefly interrupted by the occasional visions of sugarplums dancing in my head.  

The most common emails I receive all revolve around the same basic
question, "Mr. Tiny," they ask, "in what do you sleep?"  The answer is
always the same - my glasses and a stocking cap, you weirdos!

Incidentally, the photographer indicated that this is possibly the most disturbing
photo she's ever had to take of me.  All I can say is, "Sweet dreams, everybody!"

Do you dream about Dream Pets?  Do you collect them?  Which is your favorite?  Does a giant Dream Pet defeat the purpose of these terrifically-tiny little toys?  Whether you dream of Dream Pets or White Christmases, we hope that all your holiday dreams come true!

"White Christmas" - Bing Crosby


Mr. Tiny


  1. Well done Mr. Tiny! I have one dream pet, a little mouse on a block of cheese. The holiday cake pick onyour bow is the perfect touch!

    1. Thanks, Mick! Now I want a mouse dream pet. Sometimes I just wander the cake supply store aisles looking for inspiration; I'm glad I found it!

  2. AH! You are blowing me away! You KNOW I collect dream pets! specifically red ones! I'm in love! you did a great job! also, like i said on instagram, i really hope you cut out some of those photos of you "all snug in your bed" and glue them into jar lids and trim with something cute, and give them as gifts! you could horrify your friends! haha!

    1. Oh, Rae, you know me too well. In high school, I used to make ornament necklaces with my picture on them and give them to everyone (and make them wear them!

  3. Hi Mr. Tiny! I linked back to your post on my Countdown to Kitschmas.


    1. Wow!!! Thank you so much! I love your countdown!!!

  4. Adorable! I love yours, don't own any myself. I'm a new follower who is enjoying your kitschy blog. Your bedtime attire is de rigueur. :)

    1. Thanks a million, Pam!!! Or should I say MERCI!

  5. LOVE!!! So cute, silly and snuggly! I have two dream pets, one is a vintage deer (the one who looks over his shoulder. I don't know what his name is.) and the other is a Lucy Lamb that I got when they re-released them about 10 years ago. I adore them both!

    1. THANKS!!! I love those reindeer giving the side eye!!!

  6. I've never heard of a dream pet. Feeling very deprived now!

    1. Don't feel deprived! Now that you know of them, it is time to start collecting!!