Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Signs of the Times: Cupid's Burgers & Tacos

As this will be my 35th consecutive Valentine's Day without a valentine, I suppose I should be bitter.  I should be resentful.  I should be resigned to the fact that my heart was meant solely for utility, for the pitiful, life-sustaining function of pumping oxygenated blood through the veins and auxiliary vessels of this overgrown carcass.  And yet, I'm not...not yet anyway.

Nothing gives this lonely (not to mention enlarged) heart secondary reason for beating like a beautiful, big, blue sky playing backdrop to a novelty neon sign.  In this season of love, I'm practically palpitating at the charm of Cupid's Burgers & Tacos' chubby cherub taking careful aim at the hearts of generations of Corona, CA's most ardent burger-and-taco lovers.

Cupid's Burgers & Tacos - Corona, CA

Both the building and the sign have undergone makeovers since the
'60s - if only to keep up with inflation (24¢ hamburgers??? I'll take two
dozen!).  But we give much credit to the current owners for maintaining
the spirit and integrity of a sign that continues to brilliantly light up the
California night sky.

Given all that we know about saturated fats and high-caloric intake, it seems easy to interpret Cupid's aim at our hearts all too literally.  As the poet laureate of New Jersey so eloquently stated, "Shot through the heart and you're to blame.  Darlin', you give love a bad name."  However "darlin'" it may be, Cupid's Burgers & Tacos is probably not the most heart-friendly where anatomy and physiology are concerned.  It is enough to have nay-saying heart surgeons everywhere shouting, "Stupid Cupid!"

But at wacky tacky, we know better, don't we?  In the very heart of town, the sign at Cupid's Burgers & Tacos has weathered the changing times, the changing attitudes, and the changing health fads.  We hope that when no one remembers what it meant to be "gluten free," those golden arrows will have sign lovers everywhere singing with one accord, "Stupid Cupid, START picking on me!"

"Stupid Cupid" - Connie Francis

Here's wishing you wacky tacky lovers a Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Cupid's Burger & Tacos
623 E 6th St
Corona, CA


Mr. Tiny


  1. Hey I drive by that sign almost daily :D

    1. That must make for a pleasant commute! Have you eaten there?

    2. Once as a kid, but that was several owners ago. I just mentioned it to my husband and now he wants to go so I just hope they have corn dogs.

  2. cutest sign ever I love it

    retro rover

    1. Isn't it great?!! I love coming across vintage neon...but cupid and a heart? That's the LOVEliest!

  3. My father was able to feed 9 kids and my mom back in the late 60's, at. Cupids in corona it was a family fun day eat there, and then go play and hang out at corona park right down the street on the same side, good times shakes burgers frys and comes. Mmmmmmmm