Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Probing New Mexico's OUTER LIMITS!!!

I don't usually go in for all that outer space, alien jive.  I just have too many earthbound issues I must resolve before I even begin to consider the possibilities of interplanetary invasion.  I have no problem believing that somewhere in the vast expanses of time and space there exist other life forms leading parallel lives.  I simply wonder why we are forced to believe that they are so superior to human kind as we know it - not only superior but aggressive, imperialistic, and ultimately deadly (okay, so maybe those are things we have in common).  It also seems odd to me, given the limitless reaches of outer space, that these hyper-intellectual and highly-malevolent beings would bother with such a dopey planet like Earth.  Then again, I've never tried to sell a sci-fi screenplay.  Or maybe I'm just frustrated that for all of my provocative behavior, I hardly ever get abducted and never, ever probed...

Although seemingly unrelated, New Mexico, with its numerous military installations and storied history of nuclear testing, has garnered quite a reputation for extraterrestrial encounters.  I suppose it's only fair that Nevada's Area 51 share some of the glory with its Southwestern neighbors.  Not quite as prevalent (outside of Roswell) as the imagery of New Mexico's indigenous peoples, UFO symbolism can still be found everywhere from gas stations, to souvenir stands, to entire buildings!

Like this roadside UFO with which we were so thrilled to have a "close encounter" on our way to the Carlsbad Caverns.

Looking like an abandoned set piece from Plan 9 from Outer Space, the lure of this temporarily-grounded flying saucer was irresistible; we were as powerless to its wacky tacky tractor beam as we were to that of its second-cousin, the Arizona Space Orb.  And me without my tinfoil hat.

Sure, there are "Private Property: Keep Out" signs dotting the
perimeter but we're always very respectful in our tresspassery...
and "keeping out" never got the photo-op.

Although, I have to wonder, if one has both the means and motivation to build a novelty structure yet is somehow plagued by unmitigated misanthropy, why on earth would one construct that thematic building along a major automotive artery, the only real road in-and-out of Carlsbad, NM?  You have to know that folks are going to want to stop and take pictures.  If you were any kind of business man, you'd have a stand to sell pop, keychains, and ray guns.

Speaking of thematic buildings, the gorgeous shade structure at the onsite, employees-only picnic
grounds looks like it belongs with the Theme Building at Los Angeles International Airport.

If indeed there are alien life forms interested in exploring our people and planet, then I choose to believe they are a kindly race of beings like E.T., Mork, or ALF.  After all, spaying and neutering your pets is all well and good but we obviously need a more powerful resource in helping to control the burgeoning population of unwanted cats!

"ALF Theme" (1986)
('cause ALF eats cats...)

Cheers & Nanu Nanu!

Mr. Tiny


  1. Stephen Hawking is starting a huge project to find alien life and research it. Maybe scientists are running out of super interesting stuff to do here on earth? Have you been to the Frys electronics in Burbank? The theme is all outer space travel and it's so wild. THere is a cafe in back and all the booths are old convertibles watching sci fi movies or something like that. Cool post.

    1. Thank you! Those convertible booths and eating/watching watching movies sound awesome!!! I haven't been there yet but that is the perfect incentive. Actually, I'm kind of interested to be proven right by Mr. Hawking; I'm sure there are other beings out there but I think we are all more alike than different.

  2. Yeah you gotta see Fry's. There are about 15 or 20 giant aliean-space ship sculptures all over the store, which is huge. Every frys has a theme. The one is woodland hills is Alice in Wonderland themed. I went there and took a ton of pictures. Each statue is like 20 feet tall, very colorful. A friend was planning a Mad Hatter themed party for her daughter and I became obsessed with having a tea party with that theme so I watched the new Johnny Depp and the older version, --there are like 10 different movies on it since the 30s, for inspiration and I have a huge collection of things now to have a giant tea party, but then my hubs took my two long tables bec he needed them for his office so now I am not sure how to have it even though I have like a million super dainty beautiful tea cups now and I even set up an alice themed table display in my rustic bohemian cottage art studio to remind me to have my Mad Hatter tea.

    1. I've never found a need to go to Fry's even though there is one very close to my house. It sounds like I need to change my ways and go on a tour!