Tuesday, July 14, 2015

"THE THING? is The Thing!"

When your eyes can't be believed,
And your ears can't stand the ring,
That's when you will know you're in
The presence of...


Forgive us our tress-passes...
Starting our road trip at the traditional hour of 4:30 in the morning, left no time for grooming!

Much like our visit to West Virginia's infamous "Mystery Hole," there isn't a whole heck of a lot we can divulge about our visit to The Thing?.

Except that it pays to read signs or, rather, I paid by not reading the sign.
Homeboy is only five years old, an age I prefer to call "FREE" - that's
seventy-five cents I'll never get back...

But what is The Thing?  SPOILER ALERT: We're not going to spoil it for you.  To paraphrase our good friend, Mr Shakespeare, "The Thing? is the thing."  At its current location since 1965, The Thing? is the very essence of tourist trap culture; mile after mile after mile of intriguing billboards lure travelers to what amounts to little more than a roadside souvenir stand.

But gosh darn it if even the most savvy road
warriors can't resist the call of The Thing?

Following the path marked by yellow monster footprints, the multifaceted, walk-thru experience features exhibits of dazzling variety, culminating in an encounter with The Thing?

Walk this way...

It is tradition to remain mum about the horrors/wonders of The Thing? and we intend to keep that tradition alive.  Truly, it just wouldn't feel right to deprive you of the staggering personal revelation that comes with your own visit to Dragoon, Arizona's greatest mystery.  What I can safely reveal is that if you are hurtling along the I-10, it is entirely worth the bargain price of one dollar to hit the brakes and come face-to-??? with The Thing?

"What is it?"
"It's a wonder!"

The best part about The Thing? is that its location (just past the middle of nowhere) means the only way to see it is on a road trip.  So we encourage you to get up early and hit the road for some good, old-timey adventure.  For when the desert wind goes deathly still and you see the unlikely oasis of corrugated-metal structures painted in broad stripes of primary colors, you can be sure that your brush with The Thing? is nigh.

"The Thing" - Phil Harris

The Thing?
2631 N Johnson Rd
Dragoon, AZ


Mr. Tiny


  1. Reading this bought back some weird memory I had clearly suppressed from childhood of going to some fair in my very red state county of a similar mystery attraction where you were lured in by ????'s and it was basically all anti abortion propaganda. So bizarre. That's the south for ya! Anyway, thanks for bringing up that memory!

    1. That's my favorite kind of propaganda - one-note fundamentalism + sideshow culture. Hahaha!!! I need to get to the South ASAP!