Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pretty in Pink

My original desire for this blog was to explore the idea of wacky tacky as it relates to design - graphic, interior, industrial, fashion, culinary, etc.  In terms of interior design, I envisioned sharing thorough documentations of homes that were physical manifestations of the wacky tacky aesthetic.  A truly wacky tacky interior can be elusive but in the home of Amber Foxx, particularly in the dressing room, wacky tacky thrives.

 Amber Foxx

Southern California's undisputed Queen of Rockabilly and big deal in Europe, Amber Foxx is above all things a lady; that fact is plain to see when entering the converted garage of the charming 1930's home that she shares with her husband, talented musician Bob, and their pets.  Amber envisioned a lady-like dressing room/vanity/closet that would speak to her inner Dorothy Draper and create a beautiful place to beautify her face every day.  Think PINK!

"Think Pink" from Funny Face (1957)

Equal parts Disneyland, Draper, and drama with a little bit of Barbie Dream Castle thrown in, Amber created a whimsical space that, no matter the angle, leaves one cast in the most flattering shades of pink.  Numerous closets house clothing, a laundry room, and Amber's infamous collections of jewelry.  A dropped, curvilinear, soffited ceiling highlights the nooks that display vintage dolls, hats, jewelry, sunglasses, gloves, knick-knacks and beauty supplies.

Amber's pink room
A closer view of the custom vanity

The entry is flanked by a collection of vintage sheet music featuring beautiful ladies

The inside of the "garage door" displays curios, family photos and vintage accessories.
The facade of the house remains unchanged.

A group of 18th Century-style pincushions

Mary & Emily are in the pink!

Pretty birds and pretty things

 Old packaging juxtaposed with pink shelving imbues the room with history
without feeling like a museum

Curated displays lend all kinds of  charm to the room

A row of lady head vases

A frosted glass chandelier lights the room

My favorite part of the room is the ceiling. 

A detail of the ceiling

The Queen of the Castle at her custom vanity

Would Amber Foxx's pink room be featured in Architectural Digest?  Given the current design climate ruled by "custom" cabinetry and granite countertops, it is hard to say.  In our humble opinion, however, Amber's cotton candy vision is our idea of haute design.


Mr. Tiny


  1. Thats so funny! I always thought of doing a post like this, but didnt know how to ask: can I do a post on your pink room? So I just included a few pics here and there. ha ha. You did it better than I ever could, so I am glad you did!


  2. Love it...! I get to marvel in this Real soon as I
    become pet/house setter for a few days!!! Yay me!!!

  3. Thanks Dollie! I just told Amber I wanted to do a blog on the room - I gave her no choice! I've never been a class act!

    Sandra, I say we get "party time" while they're gone!!

  4. SO beautiful !!!