Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Miracle: Christmastime is Here Again!

Our most recent Christmas-related post was perhaps a little less than glory-filled.  Only the likes of O. Henry could kindle yuletide inspiration with a wicked Santa Claus and a defunct theme park.  To redeem myself and the holiday season, here is a Christmas miracle that is sure to warm even the coldest cockles of your heart.  The Snoopy House LIVES!

You might have read our very sad post about the demise of the Snoopy House.  It appeared that one local, Southern California family's 44 year Christmas card to the world was going the way of Santa's Village!  I was losing hope that a George Bailey-style miracle would happen.  Where was our Clarence?

Wonderfully, the City of Costa Mesa, CA stepped in and decided to host the amazing Peanuts Gang display so the community wouldn't lose one of its fondest and finest holiday traditions.  Once again, the Peanuts are skating, dancing, playing and fighting over presents.  Once again lights blaze and bells ring.  Surely, after this Christmas miracle, an angel (maybe two) got his wings.

Snoopy referees a serious hockey game.

Details of Santa's workshop and Mrs. Santa's living room.

One of my favorite parts is the Christmas pageant where
the scenes change when the barn doors open and close.

Reindeer in training

Mrs. Santa says, "God bless us, every one."

If you happen to be anywhere near Costa Mesa, I highly recommend that you stop to check out this wacky tacky winter wonderland.  It is a testament to one family's love for their community and ultimately, the community's opportunity to show its gratitude and love for that family.  Unfortunately, I am not sure of the outcome of the Snoopy House or the financial situation of its owners.  For at least one more year, however, the Snoopy House is alive and well and proves that Christmastime IS here!

Costa Mesa shows it's holiday spirit!

Friends enjoying the local Christmas tradition 

The Snoopy House Christmas Display 
Costa Mesa City Hall

77 Fair Dr.
Costa Mesa, CA

Hours: Nightly (shuts down at 10pm)

The doctor is out; the psycho is in.

Cheers & Merry Christmas!

Mr. Tiny

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  1. This is such a wonderful story!!! I'm so happy that the city came in and continued that tradition!