Monday, December 26, 2011

Collecting: A Christmas Care Package from Santa's Village

I'm cutting it close, but there is still time for one last Christmas post before the day is done!  I will start it by wishing that all those of you who are so inclined had a wonderful day and that all of your Christmas wishes came true.

I used to believe in karma.  It seemed only fair and decent that some cosmic force meted out a universal justice; good was ultimately rewarded with good and bad with bad.  For most, it must be comforting to know that eventually the good and positive energy they put out will earn them a good and positive outcome.  For people like me, the idea of karma always filled me with dread.  What karmic justice would be issued for my cursing the name of every last driver in the Target parking lot?  What would karma think of my regular practice of getting in the express lane with one more item than is allowed - just to test the system?  And I don't even have to ask to know that karma was not smiling on me for the things I was thinking about Santa after our recent run in as detailed in a previous post.  Karmically speaking, I'm a jerk.  So, I always prepare myself for the worst.  Yes, I used to believe in karma - until the mail arrived on Friday.

The postman's delivery let me know immediately that karma is a ruse.  What other explanation could there be for a gift so wonderful and so wonderfully unexpected.  My usual delivery of bills, jury summons, and more bills always indicated that karma was in full force.  Little did I know that my brief mention of Santa's Village in a previous blog post would result in a surprise-package filled with Santa's Village collectibles and assorted Christmas wonders. 

An unused Santa's Village notepad

Illustration from the notepad
Illustration from the notepad

Illustration from the notepad

The Santa's Village Box would have been more than enough, but there was more to be found inside!

Inside the box was a cornucopia of Christmas cheer!
Vintage greeting cards, garland, ornaments, Christmas light bulbs and even cowgirl & indian hankies

And still there was more!
Christmas stamps & labels, stickers, buttons, toys and findings

Now this is how I say "Christmas!"

And then there were the SoniCard Musical Greetings - musical postcards!
The record player accommodated the whole postcard so we could listen to "Jingle Bells" and "Silent Night."

Not Christmas related but equal in its ability to inspire yuletide jolliness is this awesome square dancing bumper sticker.
If this is Santa's apology, I accept! 

If there is one life lesson that I have learned from this amazing box, it is that our actions have no consequences.  Either that, or karma took Christmas off.  To be perfectly honest, I am truly concerned that the latter is more likely to be true and now I fear that the karmic retribution will be rather intense.

All kidding aside, I am truly grateful to the senders of this wonderful Christmas gift.  The older I get, the harder it gets to fully embrace the spirit of the season and this really made my wacky tacky Christmas very merry!  Furthermore, all of this wacky tacky goodness has easily made up for any residual disappointment I harbored for never actually making it to Santa's Village.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Holiday Cheers!

Mr. Tiny


  1. Jealousy. Party at your house next Christmas! Although one of my avid readers did let me borrow his copy of "The Opposite Sex"!

  2. That's an awesome xmas care package! Enjoying your blog.

  3. Hiya ASWS!!! Thanks for stopping by! I know that I didn't do anything to deserve such a cool present in the mail but it is pretty awesome!!!!