Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Aquabats Super Show!!

I didn't start this blog as a commercial venture.  I refuse to endorse any product or program without thorough research and proper self-reflection.  I'm no corporate shill.  I won't hock something just because someone is coming through with the old payola (only because no one has tried).  The only way to earn my endorsement is theough pure, unadulterated nepotism.   Last summer, Mary found a pretty sweet job as a wardrobe assistant on the new, hit, kids' program, "The Aquabats Super Sow."

Last Saturday, we were invited to the season one wrap party being held at Volcom corporate headquarters.  The night included food, friends, and a viewing party.

Everybody gathered on the skate ramps to watch the premiere of two episodes.

Being that it is a contemporary children's show, I went in under the false assumption that there would be some redeeming value, a "message."  Boy was I wrong; the show is just childish humor, animated sequences, sight gags, crazy monsters, and burger rain!  It is refreshing to watch a show that is just silly for silliness' sake and doesn't hammer you over the head with a lesson on environmentalism - sorry, Lorax!  We can credit the cast, the writers and the director, our friend Jason, who also lends his considerable talents to "Yo Gabba Gabba!"

They may not hammer you over the head with a message on conservation,
but it is entirely possible that they'll run you down in their battle tram.

Most of the festivities were held in the indoor skate park.
Every kid made full use of the facilities - those who
couldn't skate used the ramps as slides!

Get out of my way kids!
The best part of the night was when Mr. Tiny took down some guy
 who was foolish enough to plant himself at the bottom of the ramp.
(terrible pictures but so much fun)

Not only did Mary help with wardrobe for the show, she will
 also appear as an extra in some upcoming episodes.
Her name even appears in the credits!!!

After the viewing party, The Aquabats took to
the stage for a live performance.  Being an Orange County native,
I knew all about The Aquabats but I had never seen a show.

Mary shows off her crew member swag - an
Aquabats Super Show T-shirt!

I have seen the first three episodes and they actually made me laugh out loud.  If you're awake at 8am on Saturday mornings and you're still inclined to eat cavity-inducing cereals while watching cartoons and wearing your blanket as a cape, then be sure to check out "The Aquabats Super Show."  Giant Man-ants, monster chickens, Sharpee mustaches, Napoleon Dynamite, the constant search for food - all these things spell wacky tacky TV!


"The Aquabats Super Show" airs Saturdays on The Hub Network; check your local listings!


Mr. Tiny

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