Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bowl-O-Rama: Linbrook Bowl

Apologies for the complete radio silence - I have been BUSY!  The kid sis has gone legit and is a bonafide performer!  She will be playing the Wild Records pre-show at Viva Las Vegas 15.  In turn, I have been commissioned to make an entire wardrobe of clothes, so the only electronic device I have seen in the last week is my sewing machine.  I'm pretty excited about some of her get-ups so posts with those will be sure to follow.  Until then, I hope you enjoy yet another one of Southern California's premier bowling alleys.

I am so enamored with the glory of Linbrook Bowl's sign that I feel it alone is reason enough to stop what you're doing and wherever you are in the world, find your way to Anaheim, CA.  All the other pictures in this post are purely informational; they exist simply so you can understand that bowling is actually provided at Linbrook Bowl, but really, come on...the sign!!!  I haven't even mentioned yet that the pin spins, have I?

1958 seems to have been a magic year for bowling alleys.
You might remember that our last Bowl-O-Rama entry,
Palos Verdes Bowl, also sites 1958 as its year of birth

One of the other amazing features of Linbrook Bowl is the original coffee shop.

Apparently, the coffee shop is the "Cheers" of Anaheim.
If "sometimes you want to go where everybody knows
your name," then head to Linbrook.  I can't endorse their
 Friday fish special, but I can guarantee that it will be
packed with friendly regulars.

The coffee shop could stand some minor restoration,
 but Mary seemed to enjoy her milkshake in the
orange, vinyl booths.

According to some very reliable sources, the Kopa Room at Linbrook Bowl
hosts some of the best karaoke in Orange County!  The bar was too dimly lit
for me to get any good pictures, but don't you want to make plans to meet
at the Kopa?

Every table in the bowling alley features old pen & ink drawings about
Victorian bowling history

Strangely enough, I forgot to get a picture of the lanes, themselves.  Again, I assure you, Linbrook Bowl is a place for bowling; they have 40 lanes!  I just can't get past the sign.  Every time we drive by it, I want to stop and take more photos.  Neon, twinkle lights, a giant, spinning bowling pin - who could ask for anything more?

Linbrook Bowl
201 S Brookhurst St
Anaheim, CA


"Ten Pins" - Sesame Street
Bowl and learn about subtraction!


Mr. Tiny

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