Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Awards Season II: Lucky Sevens!

wacky tacky has received a major award!  I know what you're thinking; "Aren't we out of season for both awards and for A Christmas Story?"  Well, in our minds, it is never too late, or too early for that matter, to get into the holiday spirit by receiving a major award!

A major award

With much humility we accept The 7x7 Link Award as graciously bestowed upon us by Emily over at the very glamorous and very informative, The Silver Screen Affair.

Blog awards are an honor, a privilege, and a lot of work.  Instead of my usual stream of consciousness blather, I am directed towards genuine gratitude, self-reflection, and sharing.

The dictates of this award are three-fold.  First, the recipient must share a little-known fact about himself.  Second, the recipient must share seven of his own blog posts that were the absolute mostest (most: beautiful, popular, controversial, helpful, surprisingly successful, underrated, and pride-worthy). Third, the recipient must pass the award along to seven deserving bloggers.  And away we go...

1. A little-known fact about Mr. Tiny:

Mr. Tiny was born in a co-ed Honduran prison as part of the Scared Straight Program.   The first year of his life was spent in the chimpanzee enclosure at Tegucigalpa Municipal Zoo as his genetic make-up is only 98% similar to that of the general human population.  I guess that is two facts.

2. Seven wacky tacky posts that were the mostest:

I think the dress I made Mary for her senior prom
 turned out pretty beautifully - if I'm allowed to say that.
More importantly, this blog featured the beautiful
photography of Jessie Stopnik.

For some reason, the Halloween costume that I
made for Mary resonated with people.  I am glad that
it was a hit!

At wacky tacky we try and keep it pretty light.  In fact, subconsciously we avoid controversy at all costs.
We didn't receive any flak for this at all, but it might be deemed controversial to bad-mouth Santa.

What could possibly be more helpful than sharing a delicious and
mildly-bizarre recipe for feeding the hungry stomachs of loyal followers.

Most Surprisingly Successful - June Weddings & Rape Whistles

A rambling post about found photography, weddings, my
grandparents and rape whistles seemed to strike a chord with
some readers.  I knew when I was writing it that it made me
happy, but I didn't know that anybody else would like it.
 Actually, that is sort of how I feel about all of my posts.

Most Underrated - Going MarioNUTS!!!

This blog was posted early in the lifespan of wacky tacky so
 I'm not sure that many people had a chance to see it
Underrated?  I don't know.  Deserving of more views?  I hope so.

Most Pride-worthy - wacky tacky: A Primer

I am an unwitting defeatist, an unapologetic late-bloomer, and an unabashedly-
lazy human being.  I therefore am most proud of my very first blog.  Proud
simply over the fact that I forced myself to get going!  

3. Seven praise-worthy blogs:

My Pretty Baby Cried She Was a Bird - I wish I had a more eloquent way of expressing this sentiment, but the fact is, this blog is extremely well written.  Whether she is talking about her clothes, movies, book reviews (my favorite), or party planning, Lisa has such a unique point of view that one can't help but be pulled into her wonderful orbit.

Ranch Dressing with Eartha Kitsch - This is an inspiring blog that is equally hilarious and sweetly sentimental.  Eartha won me over with her reposting of bizarre craigslist ads and her moving tribute to her neighbor, James.  I don't know how I lived so long without this blog, but I am sure glad I found it!

Thriftaholic - Beautiful photographs and a glimpse into all the things that make Chicago a great city are but two reasons to follow this blog.  The proprietress, Leilani, with her keen eye and uncanny ability to cleverly mix and match wardrobe elements, renews our favorite pastime, "thrifting," by showing readers how it can be a creative outlet, a healthy indulgence, and a lifestyle.

Jessica Stopnik - Sometimes I wish I knew how to use a camera.  Even with modern, "fool proof" technology, I still manage to mess up every frame.  Jessica Stopnik is a gifted photographer who uses her family and her environment to capture the richness of love and life.  The lighting, the mood, the subject, and the eye behind the camera are perfect in every photo.

Wearing History - This blog is a thoughtful, thorough, and sensitive examination of costume history.  Lauren is the most highly-skilled pattern maker, designer, seamstress, dreamer/creator, business owner that I know.  Readers are regularly treated to images of her jaw-dropping creations, scans of historical documents, and beautiful photographs of "What Real People Wore."

Trash You Up - A blogger that offers no apologies for the deep and abiding love of junk and rock & roll,  Erin shows us how cool life can be when you embrace the things you love.  Seriously, the best collection of junk I have ever seen!

Mary-Go-Round - What good is the ability to bestow a major award if one cannot employ the tiniest bit of nepotism?  Sure, Mary is my sister.  Sure, Mary's posts are scattered and infrequent.  Sure, Mary usually features an outfit that I have made for her.  The soul of her blog, however, is her music and hopefully, she will take this as a kick in the pants to start recording and posting more often!

Thanks again to Emily at The Silver Screen Affair, who continues to delight with her inspired blogging.


Mr. Tiny


  1. Thank you so much! :) And I'm especially pleased to be in such great company! I can't wait to go back and read your seven posts. I had no idea about the Honduran prison but find that very intriguing..

    1. Thanks Eartha! I truly love your blog and can't wait to see each new post!

  2. Re: "award#$carousel won't believe": Dear Nigerian Prince, we are very fortunate in your extreme kindness for to you choosing us as #1 blogosphere. Many happy returns and great wishes for your fortunate future! I am hoping to contact you with regard to a very intrigue-ful opportunity for young elegant such as yourself...

    But really, thank you very much! And I, like Eartha, am excited to read some of the "best of" from your back pages. :)

    1. HILARIOUS! Thanks for keeping me entertained!

  3. you're just too much! thanks for appreciating my junk, and the fact that i often let it all hang out. also, sorry for sounding like a total pervert.

    1. Is it wrong to like it when you sound like a perve...hahahaha. Keep up the great work!

  4. How fun! Congrats on the award. Love ALL of your posts!
    And thanks for the award. I'm so flattered! :o

    1. You deserve it! Thanks for all of the inspiration!

  5. Well congratulations!! Well deserved! And Mary is very lucky! What beautiful clothes you make!