Sunday, June 17, 2012

100!!! It's GIVEAWAY Time!

The Banshee wailed, "You've got 100 Followers!!!"  Who, me???

Zowee!!!  100 followers - I never thought I'd see the day!  I have to teach myself that putting too much energy into comparison is never a good thing.  It can be a little discouraging seeing other blogs that have hundreds, even thousands, of followers and wondering if anybody out there even knows that this blog exists.  Having said that, I am really grateful that even one person would be interested in what I have to say!  I hope that wacky tacky makes for some worthwhile reading or at least for a quick diversion from work or school.  My heartfelt gratitude goes out to everybody for reading, with a special thanks to Retro Sandie for being our 100th follower!

"Thanks" - Bing Crosby

I don't know about you, but I think the auspiciousness of the occasion calls for our very first GIVEAWAY!!!

I always wondered if there was a place for a blog like wacky tacky.  It includes fashion, but it certainly isn't a fashion blog.  It covers vintage roadside attractions, but it certainly isn't a roadside blog.  It features some crazy arts & crafts, but I certainly wouldn't classify it as a crafting blog.  It showcases the amazing interiors of some awesome houses, but it certainly isn't competing with Architectural Digest.  We have book, movie, and restaurant reviews.  We have thrift store scores and musical interludes.  We even highlight killer parks and wacky tacky icons. What in the heck is this blog?  Is it even real?

Probably not.  Real blogs have real giveaways with real rules about reposting, twittering, double reposting your twitterings in triplicate, and tweeting your repost in the comments section of your best friend's second most popular post about cats riding unicorns.  Frankly, that is too much for me to think about.  Three rules I will give you, great rules and small, but break just one and get nothing at all!

Rules for entry:

1. Follow this blog (new followers are definitely welcome)
2. Tell at least one friend about our blog (honor system)
3. Tell me one thing (in the comments section) that (a)you truly love about me, this blog, or both,
    and (b)one thing that you think could be improved about me, this blog, or both; this will   
    count as your entry.

To prime the proverbial pump, I will get you started with a few examples:

"Oh, Mr. Tiny, I love it when you wear a blue shirt because it really brings out your eyes."

- or -

"This blog has changed my life in the following ways:  I had never laughed before I found your blog.  In fact, I thought I was incapable of human emotion before I read your treatise on date shakes.  And don't get me started on your coverage of bowling alleys.  I have forsaken my traditional Episcopalian upbringing to worship at the shrine of wacky tacky."

- or -

"This blog is better than being abandoned in the woods...but only by a little."

"I think your blog is great BUT it could stand a solid dose of something more - Mr. Tiny in a bathing suit."

- or -

"I have been doing some serious thinking about the state of your blog;  I would love to see more peanut puppet shows."

- or -

"Don't change a thing, except maybe get braces.  Your grill is jacked up!"

Now for the good stuff - up for grabs is this handmade basket purse created by Mr. Tiny and a set of four collectable pinbacks made exclusively for followers of wacky tacky.  It was a bit difficult finding just the right thing to giveaway because while my audience is diverse, it is probably 93.7% female.  So, in the event that a male entrant wins the giveaway, I figured he can give the purse to his wife, girlfriend, coworker, mail carrier, dental hygienist, or female relative, and then wear the pins proudly on his lapel.

I think it strikes a wacky tacky note.
With the vintage burlap and millinery adornments, cheery gingham ribbon
 and lining, and oversized capacity, you'll be all set for some summertime.
I've subsequently realized that this is not the purse's most flattering angle,
but it has gotten too late to take a photo without the flash, so, there you go.

There you have it.  It's as easy as one, two, three.  Follow wacky tacky, tell a friend about wacky tacky, and leave a comment about wacky tacky.  The winner will be chosen at random at an arbitrary time (7:03pm PST) after an arbitrary period of entry (one week) and will be announced in an upcoming blog post.  Odds of winning are entirely dependent on the number of entries.  The giveaway is open to wacky tacky followers anywhere in the world as long as they have an address recognized by the USPS.

Thanks Again!
You've made Mr. Tiny very happy!

Cheers & Good Luck!

Mr. Tiny


  1. Can Anonymous fans enter? Or do you need a name? Cause I have great things to say!! And some maybe, well, not so good things...but mostly positive, happy things to say about Wacky Tacky. Mr Tiny is my HERO!!!

  2. Mr. Tiny- I love you because you are more creative than anyone else I have ever met in my WHOLE LIFE. And on top of that you have the talent, skill and personality to go with it. I think SO highly of you I often consider changing the rules of my ladies club to accommodate men just to have you as a part of it.

    I want that bag!


  3. I love that your blog is so diverse! It's different from other blogs because readers never know what you'll blog about. Plus, I like to see the fun places you go to as well as all of the GREAT outfits you make for your sister. I don't thing you need to change a thing!

  4. Hi Mr. Tiny-it's me!! #100!! Now that's pretty cool! Anyway, I joined your blog because of it's pure fun wackiness and kinda-sorta retro-ness!! I'm thinking you have great stories to tell, cool stuff to share, and are just an all around smile-bringer! P.S. I think the bag you made is pretty awesome! I wouldn't mind having it dangle from my arm this summer!!!! :)

  5. I love seeing what adventures you and your sister get into.

  6. I wanna WIIIIIIIIIIN....! I love the clothes you make, your unique writing voice, and the vacation destinations I get to vicariously visit (how's that for alliteration?). I can't think of any comments as good as your examples this early in the morning, but know that I second all of the sentiments, minus the being abandoned in the woods and the braces one. WAY better than being abandoned in the woods. WAY. Fingers crossed, I need that purse and those buttons! :)

  7. Oooh.......I want to win too! Those prizes are fantastic! And I can only imagine that any package that comes from you will have residual magic dust all over it which will bedazzle my life by proxy. My goodness....I love your blog because it makes me happy. It honestly does. I get excited when I see that you've done a new post.

    And you're hilarious - like this: "Real blogs have real giveaways with real rules about reposting, twittering, double reposting your twitterings in triplicate, and tweeting your repost in the comments section of your best friend's second most popular post about cats riding unicorns." - because....yes!! it's so true! But the way that you say it has me howling with laughter. I love your adventures and how you put 120% into everything that you do. And that you have the appropriate respect for Western wear. Rage on, Wacky Tacky.

  8. I love your blog because it speak about true vintage lovers who live vintage not because it has just become fashionnable!!!
    Will love to meet you next year, will be in VLV for sure!
    I reach myself 200 followers today, cannot believed it!

  9. I sort of love your blog for the following reasons: You are so crafty it hurts to be friends with you. I mean, who can make a bearded lady cake out of a thrift store doll, add glitter to pink flamingos, Jesus paintings, etc, and sew a munchkin hat out of a placemat? I thought I was creative but when I stand next to Mary is a fab dress made from Anthropologie curtains, it makes feel worse than when Mary points out my inability to detect paper in certain dairy/carb entrees. I can't say much about things you need to improve on. There are only so many times you can name drop for me. Cough cough cough. My only complaint is that I am never invited on these ventures even though you stalk my empty house and me. So keep up the good work my wacky tacky friend! I love it!

  10. Oh boy, thanks everybody! I thought I was mostly kidding, but clearly this was just a cheap ploy to fish for compliments, and I'm lovin' it! Keep 'em coming!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!! Really, Thanks a million!

  11. I think Emily should win!

  12. I've been reading your blog for a while and love it! It's hard to narrow down what posts I like the best, but I have to say it's your mini-road trips. It reminds me of the trips I took as a kid. I have to say I find you completely adorable as well! Is it wrong that while I think the purse is amazing, I want to win because I really want the "Mr Tiny Loves Me" button?!?

  13. Well Mr. Tiny we all know that you are beyond talented and by beyond I mean way out there in outer space somewhere. You also have some sort of sense of humor...that some might actually find down right funny...some. However, I feel like this blog is lacking ne sais quoi. Perhaps a chicken...yes chickens are always appropriate. Maybe one should make a rare appearance in your blog time and again.
    Now for being brutally honest do I win your fabulous handbag? You won't even have to ship it to me...I can just go to that park where I have to kidnap a small child to get into and you can give it to me there. How does that sound?

  14. love the photos and outfits

    need the music back on your blog, more tutorials please

    would love to join in on your adventure's sometime

  15. Congratulations on 100 followers!!! Bet you'll get tons more!

    I adore your blog 'cause it's always a feast for the eyes (and sometimes ears!), chock full with the most glorious roadside wonders, vintage gems, and general midcentury madness, written with a great sense of humour. To second Ms. Eartha Kitsch, it's the sort of blog that's a plain joy to read!! I also love getting a glimpse of your fantastic sewing creations, and Mary's killer style :)

  16. I'm always late to the party! Found my way here via Dollie. Loving your blog!!!