Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hollywood House Hunting: Pee-Wee's Big Adventure

In the great scheme of things, an adventure to find one of our favorite houses from one of our favorite films seems positively puny when compared with the BIG adventure of the film's hero.  It might also seem highly unreasonable for a grown man to consider said house as holy ground.  When one considers that the house' primary, if fictional, resident was one Pee-Wee Herman (the original "eccentric man-child"), it all starts to make more sense.

Pee-Wee's House from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (1985)
There are many subliminal (or overt) style cues/taste preferences I picked up from both Pee-Wee Herman and art director,
David L. Snyder - cowboys & indians, holiday decor, lawn art, space age travel, and symmetrical homes
of the 1920s.

Built in 1922, this delightfully-symmetrical house made Mr. Tiny jump for joy.
Even without its fire-engine-red paint job, yard full of statuary, and Water
Wiggle sprinkler system, this home would suit this eccentric man-child to a T!

Nestled between quite sizable Craftsman-style homes, the scale and current color of Mr. Herman's house make it a real standout in its lovely, South Pasadena neighborhood.  Having made no secret of the fact that my very favorite houses are those that resemble either a child's drawing or the sweet simplicity of a Mary Blair illustration, I could easily see myself feathering this particular nest.  I have never even seen the inside but I know that living in Pee-Wee Herman's house would make me feel like "the luckiest boy in the world."

With its red-tinted roof, picket fence, and twin peaks, Pee-Wee's house is a passable,
real-life stand-in for The Little House - even without the gingerbread trim.  

In taking this picture, I assured Mary that I was Pee-Wee and she was definitely Francis.
The neighbors, including Mr. Crowtray (I always thought he said "Crabtree"), were not buying it either.
Incidentally, this shot includes the window from which Mr. Crowtray communicated with Pee-Wee.

I am such a die-hard fan of everything Pee-Wee related that someone might be liable to call me "crazy," "a nerd," "an idiot."  To that person, I have only one thing to say, "I know you are but what am I?"

 Pee-Wee's house in action

Pee-Wee Herman's House
1848 Oxley St
South Pasadena, CA


Mr. Tiny


  1. What's going on here? Are all your regular commenters locked up, sans web access, in the basement of the Alamo?

  2. Cool. It reminds me of my mom's aunt's house we used to visit when I was a kid. It wasn't as symetrical as this one but had the series of peaked roofs. Great aunt Miriam had a cool tacky astic collection of salt and pepper shakers occuping shelves that took up most of the living room walls. And is Mary wearing saddle shoes in that photo?

    1. Your great aunt sounds like my kind of lady! My great aunt was a traveler and she collected refrigerator magnets from everywhere she went. I wish I had a few of hers! Yes, Mary is wearing saddle shoes; they are her everyday footwear of choice.

  3. that is amazing. as an adult i realized how much of much of my aesthetic i got from watching pee wees play house as a child. i was OBSESSED with pee wee and terrified of large Marge.

    1. Pee-Wee's Playhouse is on Netflix and is now my nephew's favorite show. He thinks it is a new show and challenged me on my knowledge of it. Needless to say, I schooled that kid! Hahahaha!!! I made him watch PWBA and he didn't even flinch at Large Marge...way tougher than I was at 4 years old!!!

  4. I loved the movie pee wee's big adventure. I read that the actor who played him paul reubens loved to shop at an antique mall in bakersfield. I wonder if its still there.

    1. I spent my birthday and Bakersfield and saw plenty of Pee-Wee worthy sites, including antique malls - my own kind of "big adventure."

  5. Awesome house! I grew up watching Pee Wee with my sister and we loved the movies too. We thought that Pee Wee's bike was the coolest thing to ever exist on the planet. I tried to get my three year old niece to watch Pee Wee's Playhouse but she wouldn't go for it! Kids these days don't know whats good!

  6. All i want to know is if the keypad is still hidden in the wondow trim!!