Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bowl-O-Rama: Palos Verdes Bowl

We grew up in Kona Lanes territory.  It really never occurred to us that any other bowling alleys existed.  Now that bowling is back on the wacky tacky map, we decided that we need to explore all of the other vintage bowling alleys that still dot our landscape.  When we see one of these temples of 20th Century leisure, we have committed to stopping in and checking out the greatness.  On a little jaunt up to Torrance, CA, we saw the five-story, orb-topped spire of Palos Verdes Bowl (est. 1958), and we couldn't help but pay our respects.

I'm not a drinker, but sometimes I think it would only take seeing one more
simple, white light box with the word "cocktails" in black, block lettering to
get me removing my teetotalers membership badge. 

AMAZING!  Studded among the natural rock wall
 are giant, orange and aqua, glass rocks that are lit from within.

The original bench in the locker room repeats the color
scheme found throughout the whole bowling alley.

The best part about Palos Verdes Bowl is their stellar marketing campaign headed with the slogan, "PV Bowl is a simple, yet nice bowling alley without any craziness."  I think I'll have that needle-pointed on a pillow.  Truly, PV Bowl is a great place and if you live in the area, you have no excuse for not patronizing your local bowling alley.  Don't let it go the way of Kona Lanes (a weed-ridden, empty lot for the last 9 years where once stood a majestic temple of tiki).

Palos Verdes Bowl

24600 Crenshaw Blvd
Torrance, CA

"The Bowling Alley-Cat" (1942)


Mr. Tiny


  1. Wow, wow, wow! The lit, gem-stone rocks, the super Eames locker room bench, the cocktails sign... I don't know what I love most, but I do know that I love it ALL! I really like taking photo vacations on your blog, you see the neatest things.

  2. Thanks Lisa! What a compliment! I love READING your blog - great writing. You're hilarious and have such a great POV!!!