Monday, March 19, 2012

Crazy Crafty: Clean as a Whistle!

California Living: The Magazine of Western Homes & Gardens - November, 1947
Nothing quite says "California House & Gardens" or "Western" like
a living fashion plate at Rockefeller Center in New York City.

So you thought soap carving was a pastime relegated to inmates at your local correctional facility with the end result being a "shank" or a faux handgun?  Tut, tut.  According to one Ms. Lilliace M. Mitchell, "Soap's A Lot of Fun," and soap carving is the ideal activity "for your next party."  Interested?  Read on.

"Soap's A Lot of Fun"
I think I can identify almost every one of the hand-carved figurines above:
rabbit, Springer Spaniel, penguin, somber duckling,
what the baby of a rooster and a moose antler would look like,
breeching dolphin or banana split, woodpecker with a pompadour 

Don't fret over that empty knick-knack shelf!
For a dollar's worth of Ivory and an evening's worth of fun, you can fill that shelf
with handmade beauty!  Don't forget to coat each carving with clear, nail lacquer.

"Here is an example of what you may be able to accomplish after a sufficient amount of practice."
I'm glad we're not setting the "bar" too high, but I think we should leave the carving of nude,
bathing figures to the inmates.

I will be bold and issue a preemptive "You're welcome," for supplying you with the smash hit of your next smart dinner party or apres-theatre soiree.  I can just imagine the looks of astonishment you will receive when you afford each guest his or her own bar of Lifebuoy or Lux and the "stray nails," "discarded manicure implements," and "pen points no longer used for writing."  Certainly, neither you nor your party will soon be forgotten!

Giving "Clean as a whistle" a whole new meaning!
Ah, yes, but how clean is a whistle?

I am not immune to the thrill of soap carving!  I grabbed a
 cake of Lever 2000 Fresh Aloe and carved a fully-functional
soap whistle.  Perfect for the times when one slips and falls
in the shower.

Indeed, soap IS a lot of fun!  Happy Carving!

BONUS: A timely, cartoon featured in the article.


Mr. Tiny


  1. Soap carving was still big back in the early 70s when I was in cub scouts. We carved small sail boats, fish, whales, etc...Thanks for this post, I had almost forgotten about soap carving activities.

    1. I hope it's not too late to earn my merit badge in soap carving!

  2. So cool! Now I want to start my own collection of soap carved items, thanks Wacky Tacky!

    1. Hiya Anon! The only way to start a collection is to get carving ASAP!

  3. As I read this post I kept thinking, "He's going to make his own soap carving! Oh yes! What will it be?" And behold, your masterpiece of a bar has impressed me. Where do you find these articles? Are they just stacked in any vintage magazine? Do I need to start looking through my old ones? Amazing as always my friend. Someone needs to carve a Mr. Tiny bobble head from soap for you.

    1. Hiya Emily! My first attempt at soap carving left a little to be desired, but I think I found my new hobby! The whistle backfired a little bit because every time you go to blow, you end up washing your mouth out with soap!

    2. Also, yes, old magazines are just full of crazy ideas! If you have never seen our peanut marionette video, you should know that the idea came from a 40's children's magazine.

  4. You are the bestest, sweetest, & kindest! Thank you bundles!