Monday, December 16, 2013

Citizen CANE: Logan's Candy

Keeping area dentists in business for the last eighty years, Logan's Candies (est. 1933) is definitely the sweetest part of downtown Ontario, CA.  Logan's is the destination for dipped chocolates, seasonal sweets, and old-timey candies of all sorts (allsorts included) all year long.  Although, the store really comes to life at Christmastime with those sticky-sweet stars of the season - CANDY CANES! 

Unlike dense, artificially-flavored, mass-produced, store-bought candy canes, Logan's candy canes are crisp, airy, delicate, delicious, and hand-pulled.  For years we've talked about attending the evening candy-cane-making demonstrations offered during the holidays, but this was our first trip to see the magic, mystery, and meaning behind Logan's special brand of candy canes.

The wacky tacky adventure team didn't even wait for the demonstrations
or free samples; Jesse, Mary, and Emily dove right in sour gummy-peaches,
chocolate truffles, and almond clusters.  I seriously had to make like Mrs. 
Gloop and tell all these Augustuses to "save some room for later!"

Logan's has a signature stripe pattern on their canes that has not changed since day one.  It was a thrill to watch the masters at work and see a blob of molten, caramel-colored sugar transformed into 400 crooks of minty deliciousness!


This was my favorite part of the demonstration.
To create samples, a length of warm candy cane
is placed in a press, removed in a rope, and whipped
against the marble counter.  Voila, perfectly-
sized, pillow-shaped candy cane tasters!

Ever the holiday-enthusiast, Emily was inspired by the samples
to don her festive, if altogether-mismatched, candy cane antlers!

Emily wasn't the only one getting in on the act; we were allowed to bend a couple of canes that were hot off the press!

We made a "W" and a "T" for "wacky tacky."
The "W" also doubles as an "M" for "Mr. Tiny" - how very handy!
Owing their shape in no doubt to my crazy grill, my lips 
can only be described by one immortal word - "Rosebud."

A warm and wacky tacky, "Thanks" to the great folks at Logan's Candies for their delectable holiday tradition!  Please be sure to visit Logan's for all of your candy needs.  Their bending genius isn't limited to candy canes; they make Stars of David, clovers, Easter baskets, hearts, and more!

Do you fancy yourself a "Citizen Cane?"  Have you ever played a candy cane bender, if only for a day?  Is there a candy store specialty in your neighborhood without which you just can't imagine enjoying the holidays?  However you celebrate, we hope your holiday season is as sweet as Logan's beautiful candy canes!

Logan's Candies
125 W B St
Ontario, CA


Mr. Tiny

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