Sunday, December 22, 2013

Holy Rollin': Desert Christ Park

As much as we Northern Hemisphere-ians associate the Christmas holiday with frigid temperatures and blankets of purest snow, the fact is that even at its coldest, Bethlehem probably won't dip below the mid-50's Fahrenheit this December 25 (I totally checked or something).

With Christmas just a few days away, it only seems appropriate to visit California's answer to the barren, sun-scorched terrain of ancient Jerusalem - Desert Christ Park in Yucca Valley, CA.

Constructed in 1951 by designer/evangelist, Frank Antone Martin, Desert Christ Park is a five-acre statuary garden depicting the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.  Situated on a sandy hillside, the park is the perfect place to reflect on the joys of the season in a setting not too dissimilar from the first Christmas, I reckon.

The wacky tacky adventure team enjoyed the opportunity to
reflect the attitudes and poses of the 60-year-old desert statues.

It's probably bad form to crash the Last Supper but I have a feeling He'd say,
"There's always room at my table."  What's a few more loaves and fishes, anyway?

Desert Christ Park is not itself a church but its religious nature makes it an ideal candidate for our "Holy Rollin'" series.  Plus, the grounds do include an awesome rock chapel - The Rock Chapel to be exact.

Through the cruciform window of The Rock Chapel, one can catch a glimpse of Christ's ascension.
With a capacity of about twenty people, we think The Rock Chapel 
would make an ideal location for an intimate, wacky tacky wedding.

The real fun of DCP is the opportunity for immersive participation with Martin's scriptural sculptures.

Emily was pretty proud of herself for helping...

Spoonin' and sunbathin'

"Seven heads are better than two," as the old saying goes.

It's been a rough thirty-three years.

I think there is a reason that people flock to the desert for spiritual awakening; America's Southwest has long been heralded for its calming, healing, and centering properties and Desert Christ Park is no exception.  Whether you're of the Christian faith or not, Desert Christ Park will make a believer (in sweet, roadside statuary) out of you.

Group hug!

Although it is difficult for me to understand, I realize that there are folks out there who actually enjoy the cold climes of those parts of the world that experience real winter weather.  I am such a wimp when it comes to the slightest chill that I am thrilled to report that these pictures are an accurate reflection of a Southern California Christmas (it's supposed to be 82 degrees on Wednesday).  My Christmas wish (which could be the beginning of my own personal episode of The Twilight Zone) would be to make like the statues of Desert Christ Park and bask in the perpetual peace and sunshine of the desert all winter long.  I love our winter weather!

"Winter Weather" - The Benny Goodman Orchestra (1941)

Warm or cold, we truly hope that all of your wacky tacky celebrations are merry and bright!  Merry Christmas!

Desert Christ Park
56218 Sunnyslope Dr
Yucca Valley, CA


Mr. Tiny


  1. i love that rock chapel! you are right, it would be a really good place for a cool wedding! just imagine the bridal portraits among the statues, and with the last supper!

    1. Wouldn't it be great? Thanks for commenting on this post; I think you're the only one who likes "Holy Rollin'" with us!