Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sew What?! "Fun in the Sun" Hat

I know what you're thinking, "MORE sun hats?!?!!!  This fool has got to be kidding!!!"  Well, as long as the sun shines in the great state of California, sun hats will always be a necessity.  Furthermore, this post has nothing whatsoever to do with the Put A Lid On It Sun Hats by Mr. Tiny, currently available on Etsy (that doesn't mean that there isn't time for a shameless little p-p-puh-plug).  Rather, this post has everything to do a with a vintage hat pattern that I unearthed from the bottom of a pattern avalanche that I received several years ago as a hand-me-down from my grandmother.

muggins original stuff sun hat
At first glance, the illustration led me to believe that the undated pattern might've been from the
late-'60s-'70s.  After reviewing the printing and instructions, I figured that it was probably from the
1980's, likely a classic pattern that had been in print for a number of years by Muggins Original
 (a company from whom it appears an interested party might still potentially acquire a copy).

A one-sheet pattern, I nearly disposed of it, doubting seriously my ambition for creating sun hats (my, my, how times have changed).  Recognizing that certain timeless styles remain perennially en vogue, I decided to retain it in the Mr. Tiny pattern archives, feeling deep within my hoarder's heart that it would eventually come in handy.

wacky tacky joan crawford thelma todd
Hoping to invoke the spirit of Joan and Thelma, and evoke a style reminiscent of these other
floppy-hatted beachside beauties, I pulled the "Fun in the Sun" hat pattern from the vaults.
(Source A, B, C, D, E, F)

Also from the vaults came this sturdy rayon-linen blend printed with charming sprays of pink
dogwood blossoms.  I've had this fabric so long that it has actually moved house with me twice! 

I had the pattern, the inspiration, the fabric, and a free afternoon; nothing was to stop me from diving head first into this hat (please, do not pardon the pun; it only encourages me).

I decided to skip the frivolity of the scalloped brim (View 2) and the superfluous sunglass holder (View 3) in favor of the simplicity of View 1.  That isn't to say that I followed the instructions word-for-word (definitely not my strong suit).  I ignored the warning against fusible interfacing (for a reason known only to the high heavens, I used fusible AND non-fusible interfacing), I extended the depth of the brim by 2" all around, and opted to assemble the hat in a way that suited my dubious understanding of garment/hat construction as opposed to the pattern-maker's expert instruction.

Instead of attaching ready-made ribbons to the finished hat, as per pattern instructions,
I made my own ties out of the fashion fabric and sewed them into the seam for a more finished look. 

I might not have fully committed myself to the instructions but I did love the editorial commentary peppered
liberally throughout: "Everything cut out?  Machine threaded? Radio turned to your favorite station?
How about a can of pop and a couple of cookies? O.K....Everything in place, so let's get sewin'."

Radio?  Cookies? Pop?!?!!  If this was my grandma's house in the '70s-'80s, it would've
been Donahue on the TV, a handful of Excedrin, and an ice-cold chaser of Tab! 

The hat went together quickly and easily but I, of course, failed to take any progress pictures - I wasn't about to disrupt my hat making rhythm!

Because our house model is out of town, I had to employ our far more
reliable, exceedingly more cooperative standby, "Hat-tie McDaniel."
Just imagine what it would like like with a little bit of hair!

The last departure I made from the original hat pattern was electing to eliminate the multiple rows of topstitching on the brim; I like the way it looks without but I think the topstitching would provide a bit more body and stability.  I might change my mind by the time our live mannequin returns ready to model the complete look (yep, I can't help myself from making matchy-matchy hat ensembles).  What a cliffhanger!!!  Will Mr. Tiny take to the topstitch or will the broad brim remain bare?  Stay tuned!!!

Have you sewn a hat before?  Is it possible that Ms. Crawford would deign to don our "Fun in the Sun Hat?"  What do you think, is floppy too sloppy, or would you wear a floppy, floral, flapper-inspired beach hat?


Mr. Tiny


  1. OOOOOOOOEEEEEE!!!! That is simply fantastic! I lurve it with all my vintage-obsessed heart and soul. Nice work. Your gal is one lucky fashionista. I love the seaming details, but it looks great as is too! New to your blog and really enjoy it!

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to leave your highly-complimentary comments! I am still considering adding the top stitching; I had every intention of doing it until I ran out of steam and left the hat alone for one night. We'll see what happens. Thanks again!

  2. what a cute hat! I never thought I would be a hat person but this summer has changed me forever! Between my Put a Lid On It beauty and my few fold up woven hats I will never been without a sun hat again! I love the little tie on the back on this one and can't wait to see it on mary!

    1. I have ALWAYS been a hat long as they're on other heads. I thought I looked goofy in hats; it just takes finding the right kind to change everything. Thanks for sharing your adventures! I love going on a vicarious roadtrip; I'm getting the itch for adventure!

  3. My perspective on Sun hats is pretty go big or go home...shit or get off the pot...etc! I have a giant hat I got at good will that is straw but smash able! I love it! This one is really cute! I love the while concept that it's advising you on other lifestyle choices you should be making while sewing. Eat cookies and listen to the radio, dammit!!!

    1. Funny, right?! There are suggestions, words of encouragement, and reprimands for complaining all throughout the instructions; it's like having a personal sewing coach in the room!