Saturday, January 7, 2012

Collecting: Doing My "Pennants"

Consider this my confession.  I need not "collect" one more thing but when I saw these pennants on a recent thrift store spree, I just couldn't leave them behind.  Is this avarice, covetousness, second-hand gluttony?  I don't know but I count on you to determine a fitting penance for my pennants.

I have always thought pennants were neat - all the majesty of an ocean-bound steamliner and all the collegiate pep of a 1930's Homecoming game on one printed triangle of felt.

Las Vegas, Queen Mary, San Juan Capistrano, Movieland Wax Museum, Disneyland?!!!
There was no way that these were leaving with anyone but me.

In my mind, pennants always have an athletic connotation - probably due to the Goofy cartoons which featured a lone, pennant-waving character that was always at odds with the other sports fans in the bleachers.  Oddly enough, I steer away from the athletic pennants in favor of the souvenir pennants from cool places.  Nevertheless, here are some Goofy cartoons where you can see one of my favorite cartoon characters. "Hooray!"

"Double Dribble" (1946)
0:35 - 0:48

"Hockey Homicide" (1945)
4:42 & 7:08


Mr. Tiny


  1. These are so neat!! Wacky Tacky rules!!

  2. Thanks Kat!!! We think you're pretty awesome!