Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Met a Teenage Werewolf!

I had a completely different post planned for today.  But good plans are thrown out like the baby with the proverbial bath water when one meets Eddie Munster!!!  

Eddie Munster

That's right, I met the Eddie Munster, the boy werewolf from The Munsters (one of the finest programs ever produced on American television).  It sounds like a terrible joke, "What do you get when you cross Frankenstein with a vampire?"  The answer, of course, is a werewolf!  I would try and explain monster genetics to you but it gets pretty complicated.

A publicity still for The Munsters.
Butch doesn't look all that into it here, but working
on The Munsters had to be the best job in the world!

Grandpa & Eddie
I'd probably look a little suspicious too is I was forced to sit
on Al Lewis' lap.

Herman, Lily & Eddie - the perfect 60's nuclear family

Alright, alright, so Eddie was more of a pre-teen werewolf, and if you want to get uber-technical, I actually met Butch Patrick the man behind the pointy ears and extreme widow's peak.  But to me, and probably to the rest of the world, he will always be Eddie Munster.

I offer no explanation as to the expression on Mr. Tiny's face,
other than than I was trying for a scary monster...and I couldn't
see - no glasses!

Butch was especially nice and even autographed photos
for everyone.  Fred & Yvonne would have been so proud
of their little boy!

Butch is a great guy, but to me the most exciting part is that now only one rather-insignificant degree separates me from Yvonne De Carlo!  Now that's my kind of wacky tacky celebrity encounter!  Have you met anyone of wacky tacky repute?  Do you have a favorite Munster's episode?  Please share.


Mr. Tiny


  1. I loved the Munsters! And for awhile there I was going grey like Lily. Lucky man!

  2. i just did a similar post in my blog, some of which might be considered wacky AND tacky...

  3. I saw him once from a distance at a car show, but your expereince seemed to be much more exciting!

  4. Patricia Lynn - I hope you never stopped loving "The Munsters." Keep the love alive!

    Erin - Thanks for sharing your blog! I need to start composing an album of all my brushes with fame!

    Emily - Funny enough, he asked me about you. I may have had a photo op, but you definitely stayed on his mind!

  5. It was pretty amazing meeting Eddie Munster... I was actually sort of nervous at first because I idolized "The Munsters" as a kid (still do actually). It was a fun night.